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dVerse — surrealism — Holiday Dance

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Reclining in my easy chair
Eating apple chips
Crunching a duet
With the groans of icebergs
Red mash, Blue mountain
Match made in a sitcom
Archie! Archie! Archie!
Meathead’s spaghetti
Ball necklace
Miniature reindeer
With red noses
Prance dance by as
A terrible trollbird alights
On the iceberg’s peek
Dali dances by
With a mountain goat
As my intestines
Do a rumba
Holiday rattling bones
Like dice
Snake eyes!

Linda is today’s host of dVerse.  Linda says:
Go to your favorite place to write, relax and close your eyes. Let your mind roam free, be wild, give little thought to where you are going with this prompt. Pick up your writing instrument and put words on paper – there are no limitations other than your own (well okay there is one- please keep it to 200 words or less)- BE FREE. Try not to let your mind justify your musings.

Image:  Bacchanale, Salvador Dalí

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