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Coloring Club Plus — 11/27/19

I started watching a really good 2019 (82-minute) documentary last night, called, “Echo in the Canyon: the birth of the California sound.” Jakob Dylan (Bob's son) is at the helm as he travels, sings, and interviews individuals who were part of the musical mecca and alchemical stew that was Laurel Canyon at the time of… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 11/27/19

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dVerse — Sylvia & Ted — zebra mussels

  Seafaring stowaways Dumped by Careless bilge pumps Once foreign, home Quiet freshwater invasion Clams now refugees Tiniest zebras Roaming submerged plains OCD to clean – and glue Small, razor sharp Shell seeds White putty insides Sifting creepers Scour water Green to clear Herons-adored A traveler's banquet Easy pickins Reside underside Driftwood hide Washed-up skeletons… Continue reading dVerse — Sylvia & Ted — zebra mussels

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Movies, Movies, Movies! #13 – November 26, 2019

Woman at War (2019) Starring: Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurðarson, Davíð Þór Jónsson, Magnús Trygvason Eliasen, Ómar Guðjónsson, Jörundur Ragnarsson, Jón Gnarr Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Synopsis: netflix blurb: “Believing that the aluminum industry is destroying the Icelandic environment, middle-aged Halla begins waging a secret eco-war to protect the landscape. But her crusade is interrupted when she… Continue reading Movies, Movies, Movies! #13 – November 26, 2019

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Coloring Club Plus — 11/26/19

I have finally come to the end of the Celtic letters, with letter “X”. I thought about putting links in this to some x-rated songs by three of my favorite x-rated singers, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Mickey Avalon, but decided against it. Feel free to look them up for songs that will make your… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 11/26/19

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#FFFC — Angels Unaware

I was forty-two years old when the bus hit me. I died instantly, suddenly finding myself floating upwardly to that place that you only know is real once you're headed there. One of the first things I learned in heaven is that musicians are one of the classifications of deceased humans that get special privileges.… Continue reading #FFFC — Angels Unaware

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Must Share Right Now — Tommy Emmanuel and Billy Strings, Merle Haggard’s Workin’ Man Blues

  https://youtu.be/Q04ufkj6PHs   Tommy Emmanuel and Billy Strings perform Merle Haggard's "Workin' Man Blues" at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2019 in Oak Hill, NY. Brought to you by Less Than Face Productions.

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dVerse — haibun — Today I’m Thankful

I woke up this morning to a light fog hovering over the field. The temperature is even warmer today than yesterday. Most leaves have been washed and/or blown off of the trees, so the view out back is fairly unobstructed. The bird feeders are full from yesterday. They draw in ever more diverse species. A… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — Today I’m Thankful

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Coloring Club Plus — 11/25/19

The Shins are an American indie rock band formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996. The band's current lineup consists of James Mercer (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, songwriter), Jon Sortland (drums), Mark Watrous (guitar, keyboards), Casey Foubert (guitar), Yuuki Matthews (bass, keyboards), and Patti King (keyboards). The band is based in Portland, Oregon. The band… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 11/25/19

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Coloring Club Plus — 11/24/19

Today's song comes from an album I talked about back in June of this year.  You can find it here.  Today's track from Lyle Lovett and His Large Band is his cover of Tammy Wynette's song, "Stand By Your Man."  I remember the first time I heard it my first thought was "he can't do… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 11/24/19

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#SLS — Midnite Cruiser by Steely Dan

Jim Adams is the maker of broccoli cheese casserole and is the prepared host of Song Lyric Sunday. Jim says: In case you have not guessed it yet, the Song Lyric Sunday prompt is food related this week, because of the Thanksgiving holiday that is approaching. I think that everyone will have a lot of… Continue reading #SLS — Midnite Cruiser by Steely Dan