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dVerse — apostrophe — Cool Relations

Dear Snow, who comes and goes at whim,
Dangling, tangling scarves here and there,
Must you be so fickle and play until you stay?
Perhaps this is why, when bundled, I
love crunching you beneath my boots?

Puny hairless human, how could I not try
to toy with beings so ill-equipped for joy?
Never once have you dared to dunk
Yourself into me and be a living popsicle.
Your shells and shields refuse to yield.

The first stanza is speaking to the snow, and the second is the snow responding back.

Amaya is today’s host of dVerse.  Amaya says:
Tonight, I challenge you to a two-part prompt.
1. Write a poem using apostrophe, and you can name your object/recipient, or choose to be more cryptic than declaring, “O Love…” for instance.
2. This part is optional, or you can skip the first part and just share this portion. Write a response from the perspective of your object/recipient, which will in essence also use apostrophe.

image:  “Secrets in the Snow” by Debbie Miller

45 thoughts on “dVerse — apostrophe — Cool Relations

    1. Naked?? It is the barrier between the snow and the skin that the snow snickers at 🙂 I do love to play in the snow but not naked. Snow-angels are best but snowmen are close.


  1. How funny. The snow sees all the creatures roll around in its fluffy white, but then here we are in our ridiculous multicolored poofy wear. I like how each took (or would take) pleasure in a little aggression toward the other: the crunching beneath the boot, the irresistible popsicle. What a fun write!

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  2. I picture the clouds of the North wind forming a big white bearded face of some weather god laughing in triumph at dumping tons of unexpected white flakes…

    We just heard on the news that one state close by has stated that people can no longer warm there cars (leave them empty in their driveways) for more than 5 or ten minutes – subject to a fine. How are you supposed to drive safely in winter without a car up to temp? Some politician wasn’t thinking too clearly with that new ‘law’.

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  3. As always, you rock!
    My favorite line.”Must you be so fickle and play until you stay?” I just love it when a rhyme sneaks in!
    I like the reference to those shield we humans erect towards anything that might be unlike us or uncomfortable or un-anything in fact. Perhaps, once in a while we need to answer such invitations?

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