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Coloring Club Plus — 12/11/19

 Dec 11

Greg Miller is a guitarist and instructor. He teaches Applied Instrument instruction at Muskegon Community College and is a member of AFM Local 56. He is a founding member of Dutch Henry, and the Westside Jazz Trio. Greg is a Fender authorized guitar repairman and has worked for both Bird’s and RIT Music. He is an auxiliary musician for the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Symphonys. Former bands include The Skyscrapers, The Dushanes, and Solid Ground. He currently appears as a solo jazz guitarist around west Michigan. Greg is also the guitarist in the Starry Night Octet. Learn more about them here.

We Three Kings“, original title “Three Kings of Orient”, also known as “We Three Kings of Orient Are” or “The Quest of the Magi”, is a Christmas carol that was written by John Henry Hopkins Jr. in 1857. At the time of composing the carol, Hopkins served as the rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and he wrote the carol for a Christmas pageant in New York City. Many versions of this song have been composed and it remains a popular Christmas carol.

7 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 12/11/19

    1. And that video was 9 years ago, so he’s had 9 more years of playing under his belt since then. Heritage Guitars (used to be Gibson) in Kalamazoo *gave* him a guitar. Not sure if he’s a formal rep or an informal one by virtue of his making their instrument sound good 🙂

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  1. Gaspar (or Caspar) had brown hair and a brown beard (or no beard!) and he wore a green cloak and a gold crown with green jewels on it. He is the King of Sheba. Gaspar brought the Frankincense to Jesus.
    Melchior had long white hair and a white beard and wore a gold cloak. He is the King of Arabia. Melchior brought the Gold to Jesus.
    Balthazar had black skin and a black beard and wore a purple cloak. He is the King of Tarse and Egypt. Balthazar brought the gift of Myrrh to Jesus, saying “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

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    1. I appreciate your enlightenment on hair color, robe color, and gift. I think they switched things up a little in the picture. I totally guessed and I guessed pretty well, but not all matched as they should be.

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