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dVerse — The Frog King

Frog King


disintegration confusion
conflicting destroying competing
nightmarish degrading holistic organic
calming enveloping healing
inclusive visionary

Mish is today’s host of dVerse.  Mish says:
Do you ever wish you could just wave a magic wand, eliminate everything that creates havoc, unrest, uncertainty, injustice? I do.  Today I am asking you to do the same. Dream with me. For this prompt, create and describe a “new world” as you envision it. You can write from a general perspective or focus on one particular scene in your new world. Try, if you can to avoid a specific political view. This ol’ world has been a bit lost for awhile now. The sky’s the limit. Maybe your world doesn’t have a sky. Maybe we live in the sky. Keep it simple or take us to Utopia.

Today’s offering is a diamante form poem, where I’m using antonyms. The shift occurs halfway through the fourth line.

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