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Visualizing The Beatles – Part 3

visualizing the beatles cover

Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band,” is written/designed by the duo of John Pring and Rob Thomas, copyright is 2018. I’m covering page 151- 209 today. Visually-oriented individuals like myself will find it compelling. These 58 pages continue the pattern but still are throwing new things in along the way.

Today’s part will also be a quiz, broken down by the 3 albums that were covered. Without looking up the answers, let’s see how well-versed you are in The Fab 4. Answers will be at the bottom of the post, but don’t look until you’ve written your answers down. Let me know how many you got right.

Section A: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (released 6/1/67)
1. True or false: many thought The Beatles were washed up before the release of this album?
2. In how many countries did it hit #1?
3. How many Grammies did it win?
4. In 2003, where did Rolling Stone Magazine rank the album from 1-500?
5. How many singles were originally released from the album?
6. How many singles were released when it was re-released in 1978?

Section B: Magical Mystery Tour
1. Which song from the album has all 4 of the Fab 4 getting songwriting credit?

Section C: The Beatles (aka The White Album)
1. How many songs are on The White Album?
2. What word was sang most often on the album?
3. How many singles were released from it?

Flying” was recorded on 8 September 8, 1967 with mellotron, guitar, bass, maracas, drums, and tape loops overdubs on September 28 under its original title of “Aerial Tour Instrumental.” The end of the recording originally included a fast-paced traditional New Orleans jazz-influenced coda, but this was removed and replaced with an ending featuring tape loops created by John Lennon and Ringo Starr during the September 28 session. The loops extended the song to 9 minutes 38 seconds, but the track was cut down to only 2 minutes 17 seconds. Part of the loops were used alongside an element of the ending jazz sequence to make “The Bus”, an incidental piece used at various points in the TV movie.



For the curious who want to hear what it sounded like before it was cut down:



Section A
1. true
2. 7
3. 4 in 1968
4. 1
5. 0
6. 3
Section B
1. “Flying”
Section C
1. 30
2. “know”
3. 0


19 thoughts on “Visualizing The Beatles – Part 3

  1. Sgt. Peppers was one of my favorite songs to play in band on the french horn. I had a solo so even after all these years later, I can’t help but play it in my mind when it hits that spot. Great info! My hubby would have known everyone of these answers because he is a superfan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet your hub would love this book. It’s graphically oriented with the facts. I love that song also. You had a very cool band that got to play Beatles songs!!!!! Neither one of my kids was that lucky. Did you ever see the movie with Peter Frampton in it? Some reviewers didn’t think much of it, but I really liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t listened to MMT a lot but I like all music by The Beatles. The White Album and Let it Be are the ones I’m most familiar with (other than the first couple, which I heard as a child and have absorbed into my DNA.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great questions…many of them I didn’t know like the singles released in 1978 off of Sgt Pepper and how many countries it hit number 1 in.
    The book cover reminds me of those colorforms games.


  3. I worked backward here… went from #4 to #3 and still learned a bit I did not know. They were the first to do a lot in their time of music and it sure made a difference to our lives. Thanks for posting all these. It made me take a step back into time… kind of a dream zone these days.

    Liked by 1 person

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