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dVerse — last lines — Chuck Palahniuk


Molar encasing hollow filled deadly cyanide, no longer of purpose
for this agent.Begins here new life of operative me. –from Pygmy



And maybe knowing isn’t the point. Where we’re standing right now,
in the ruins in the dark, what we build could be anything. –from Choke


Metaphysical coordinates
exes and whys in tic-tac-toe
synapse-harnessed machines linked
dystopic imbalance
subservient drones
few escape
be one

My favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk, a title he proudly took over from Tom Robbins a few years back. I’ve read all of Chuck’s books (Except Snuff and the new one coming out.) and am always bowled over by how much he cares for Mother Gaia and us puny, flawed, ugly humans.

I took last lines from two of his books, Pygmy and Choke and created a nonet inspired by them.

Chuck Palahniuk

Mish is today’s host of dVerse.  Mish says:
Write a poem inspired by the last lines of any book and post it to your blog or website.

30 thoughts on “dVerse — last lines — Chuck Palahniuk

    1. Pygmy is difficult to read as it is written in a “pidgin English.” It’s similar to what the guy who wrote Clockwork Orange did. Choke is one of the deeper plots of his. I really wish you’d read one of Chuck’s books and let me know what you think. Diary is a haunting one.


  1. I think the “nonet” is a new form for most of us; perhaps one for a future MTB.You had me with/unquestioners/few escape/be one/fly/. Heavy duty vibe midst the chaos of Now.

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  2. A moral with cyanide sounds like a one way ticket to … well … bye. …
    Never heard of him buy may check him out …
    Left my link at the dVerse just now. To a totally different kind of literature and yet in some ways not what one might expect at all …

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    1. The poem draws from two books. Pygmy is about a child who has been put in a training school at a young age in another country and trained as a sleeper agent to come to the USA and be part of its takeover when given the signal. He stays with an ordinary family as an exchange student. Choke is about a man who was raised by a crazy mother. The mother is now in a nursing home dying. Transgressive fiction is the genre Chuck writes under, so the plots can sound misleading. Glad you found the nonet refreshing Mish 🙂

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