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Cat Talk: The divide is closing

Mlady                                   Dotty

Dotty has been with us for about 12 weeks now.  Mlady has gone through a whole range of adjustment issues, where Dotty has been trying to stay out of her way.  At first I thought I would just let them work it out between themselves, but when I saw a scratch on Dotty’s nose and then a puncture that was healing on her neck I knew I had to intervene.  I started breaking up their battles as well as separating them in different parts of the house.  When I put Mlady in a confined space she seemed to blame Dotty and went after her even more.  The last week or so, I’ve been putting Dotty in the large utility room at night.  It has its own kitty box, her food and water, and the cat carrier with a cushy blanket in it positioned by the heat vent.  There’s a night light back there as well.

Dotty has been a lot calmer during the day when I let her out instead of a nervous wreck looking around for her tormentor.  I think Mlady has the impression Dotty is being punished and she has the whole rest of the house to herself and so hasn’t been attacking Dotty.  I think she was hunting her at night before.














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