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dVerse — Prosery — Between heartbeats

stiletto switchblade

Harvey pulled starlets into his sphere, sure it was his irresistible sex appeal. Starlets knew that Harvey was the film industry power player who could rocket them into cinematic top billing orbit.

What starlets didn’t know about Harvey was that his lure was more like a glue trap. Once the hotel room door closed, orifices would be violated and the beauties would be evacuating his fluids for days.

Mira’s little sister leapt from a tall building afterwards.

Mira maneuvered her way to an “audition.” While Harvey went to change into his bathrobe, Mira positioned her lanky legs just-so. Returning and seeing her, niceties were forgotten. He lunged with a wolfish grin, his tongue lolling to the side. The stiletto’s aim was true. Harvey’s heart stopped at “lub.”

She thought, ‘There are moments caught between heart-beats.’

She wiped the knife on his robe and left.

[144 words]

Kim from Writing in North Norfolk is today’s host of dVerse.   Kim says:
I’d like you to write a story that includes the following line from Louis MacNeice’s poem, “Coda”:

‘There are moments caught between heart-beats’.

32 thoughts on “dVerse — Prosery — Between heartbeats

  1. I love the way you’ve turned well-known current events into a tense story, Jade! I also like how you start by juxtaposing Harvey’s view of himself with that of the starlets, before introducing the glue trap – yuck! – and then introduce the tragic catalyst for the action of the story in an isolated one-liner – and end it with another.

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    1. Punam, thank you. Yes, and I’m afraid after what I heard yesterday, the two cases they chose to prosecute him on are weak ones. Why!?!? They have 90 different women who have stepped forward and choose 2 weak cases?

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  2. Great job on this. I’m sure many women have had this fantasy. At least 100 women have allegations against him. I just finished writing a book on sexual harassment, so his name might have come up. 😉
    Over the weekend, we saw the new movie, “The Assistant,” in which Julia Garner plays the assistant to a Harvey Weinstein-type character.

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