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#FF — Plugged in

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller

What do you think, Myrna?”

Myrna sat hunched on the pastel green vinyl hospital rocker next to mother’s bed, her hand resting softly on the woven cotton blanket covering her mother’s inert foot.

It had been six months on the respirator, with tube feedings, and no indicators of improvement.

Doctors had a prototype device that could see the patient’s thoughts but it mean cranial drilling and jack installation.

Myrna needed to be sure.

Yes, Jack.”

Post-operative recovery complete, staff activated the device and plugged mother in.

An image flickered to life on the screen.

Mother was headed home.

[100 words]


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the steady host of Friday Fictioneers.

59 thoughts on “#FF — Plugged in

  1. I feel you used the blurred image to perfection, much like what a person may see coming out of drug induced sleep, it was hazy and out of focus. agreed that the path you took gave deeper meaning to the prompt.

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  2. Dear Lisa,

    Would that we had such a device. Happy journey to the other side, mother. Imaginative story. This touched me, as my mother in law passed away after we watched her die for 7 years. (Alzheimer’s)




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        1. The mind is a tyrant, it demands as much of your attention as you’ll allow it to have. You’re right, some people disappear into it. Some world-building authors have made a fortune off of it. BTW, I did find Ashes to Ashes at netflix disks so will be able to see it. Yay!

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          1. Bailey and I are watching Ashes to Ashes now. It’s been a while and I haven’t watched it multiple times so it’s like watching it for the first time. Gene changes with the times… a little anyway…but he still is Gene.

            You find out what happened.

            King would be one of those authors.

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  3. Ohhhh, what a positively frightening story here. To live by machine is NOT to live at all, in my book. If I’m ever in such a state, someone pleaaasssseee be merciful and kill me. I’m serious in that! Great story!

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