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Another cold walk at Lake MI 022620

It was only freezing today, but the wind made it much colder.  Plus today I walked out along the channel which put me in the crosshairs of the wind — with no hat or gloves!

I used the free GIMP photo editing program today and scaled them down in size and pixelation.  Using the effects are coming back to me from when I had lightroom.  I’m in no aspect a techie but do know how to use crop, light/contrast, hue/saturation, greyscale, etc.  Thank you again to Ken Gierke for his suggestions, instructions, and encouragement!

To see the pics full-size in a new window, click on the caption.

channel leading to Lake MI
dunes by Lake MI
walkway between channel and dunes
two channels parallel (from this angle), one lighthouse, and waterfowl
two piers, two lighthouses
coast guard station and lighthouse
one of the hundreds of boulders lining the channel. this is one of the ones out of the water, in the sand
a lighthouse on either side and walkway down the middle


a third pier and a melting iceberg at the edge of the beach

BONUS PIC:  Dotty had no idea I was pointing a camera at her.  I wish her mouth hadn’t gotten shadowed out, but it’s still a cute picture.


27 thoughts on “Another cold walk at Lake MI 022620

    1. Thank you, Gina. It’s strange how the sky and water change colors. Today’s sky was blue but the water was almost tan. The sky has different cloud shapes and the sun tried to get through in spots. It’s an ever-changing scene. Prints would be nice, but no $$ to frame them and no space to hang them. They hang in my mind 🙂


      1. That is strange as usually the sky mirrors the earth… Well how I see it anyways. But I loved seeing your landscape I would be out there for hours. I get you about the money and space constraints so its great we have this media to store them. This one of yours will be on permanent display in my mind for quite awhile.

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    1. Thank you, Hans. Next time for sure. As I was almost back to my car, I passed a couple heading out to the walkway that had to be in their 90’s, walking very slowly. They both had hats and gloves on. I said, “Today is a good day for hats.” The lady said, “Yes! And where are your gloves!” Scolded by strangers, the story of my life 😉

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  1. Nice.:)
    We stayed at a B&B on sunrise side of MI in Presque Isle in 2017. (Our wedding was at the Presque Isle lighthouse in Erie, PA, so we wanted to see the lights at Presque Isle, MI.) We then went to Holland, where we stayed overnight, then we saw the lights at Holland and Grand Haven. Also, we entered MI from WI and through the U.P., so we saw more light along the way. Some day we’ll get back to see more MI lighthouses.

    I sent an email about your photo links.

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    1. Holland and Grand Haven are well-known neighbors. One time we took the cross-lake ferry and ended up in Milwaukee then drove up and into the UP where my son went to college so we could hear his concert. Not a good drive at night — TOO MANY DEER. The deer line the sides of the highway! Presque Isle sounds like a magical place (the name). There are a lot of lighthouses around the Great Lakes. It would make for a fun tour. I’ll look for your email.


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