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#FF — Street Life

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Malcom was raised by the streets. Gang meant family. An observant teacher recognized Malcom’s math skills during his patchy attendance. Mrs. Jones mentored Malcom through high school and found the right scholarships to help him realize his dream – to be a video game programmer.

Malcom’s first hit game was called, “Street Life.” It was designed after his old neighborhood. Players and reviewers marveled at the detail.

What nobody but Malcom and his “family” knew was their passcodes enabled the market stall to become an interactive bulletin board that they used to keep track of their international heroin trade.

Interpol was stumped.


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the educational host of Friday Fictioneers.

59 thoughts on “#FF — Street Life

      1. You know, your story would make a good movie, or novel. Lots of possibilities there.

        I have never liked the ff logo, I think it is ugly and unimaginative. I don’t remember when it replaced the first one, I’m pretty sure it was BR (before rochelle). We will have to talk her into designing a new one. Thanks again for the idea.

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  1. not too far off the mark there, these trades are often a cover for the real business, hiding in plain sight, well written and packed with information to create a strong story line.

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    1. Gina thank you. I know a kid I had on probation years ago was riding in the back seat of his foster family’s car with a hand-held game system and they realized he was watching porn on it. After that I knew probably anything was possible with them!

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    1. Malcom is blessed with talent, and he’s going to take care of his family. Wall Streeters do it all day long under cover of white collar protection… That said, I don’t condone how he is doing it 😉

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