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What do you see? 20 — Walk this way…

Image credit; Akshay Premjith- Pixabay

Maria was one of the few women who were privileged to see the inside of Quentin Tarantino’s beach home. Quentin had worked with some of the most beautiful and talented females on the planet, but for him it was just business. After going home at the end of the day, his life was very much spent in solitude and creative brainstorming.

One of Quentin’s favorite ways to unwind was long walks on the beach, which he took with Bitsy, his Boston Terrier. Bitsy was a quiet dog most of the time, so whenever she barked or whined, it meant something.

That day on their walk, Bitsy whined and began running as fast as her little legs could carry her – straight to a woman in a navy blue print dress. Quentin jogged after Bitsy and then he and the woman were face to face. She smiled and said, “I used to have a Boston Terrier named Chauncey. I still miss him.”

Quentin looked down and saw the woman’s gorgeous bare feet. Before he could think, he said, “Would you like to come back to my place for a nice cold Magners?”


Bitsy led the way back home.

The End.

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