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#FF — Hacienda del Sol


Mitch and Rachel found the perfect assisted living center.

Mother will love it. Two bedrooms, one for her computer and books; washer-dryer in-unit; she can bring both cats…”

And the beautiful grounds! Acres of paved paths, lined with roses – it even has a plaza with a fountain!”

They moved me in and sold my home, despite the notes I wrote best I could saying, “No!”

On my first tour of the grounds, they wheeled me to the plaza and left me there, in the sun. For my own good, they said.

Nobody read the charts about my photosensitivity.


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the illuminating host of Friday Fictioneers.

80 thoughts on “#FF — Hacienda del Sol

  1. Could she have made arrangements in advance, protecting her from their intrusion? We d on’t know the whole story. Maybe she needs it and won’t admit it. This tale allows for quite a whole lot of filling in of more details

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    1. Yes, maybe she should have made arrangements in advance, and you are right there is a lot we don’t know about the situation. Good thoughts, Larry. Thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. Irene, that’s the way I see it also. They were doing their best in their own way. It has to be so difficult to trust staff caring for loved ones when the loved one isn’t able to say or do much in their defense.


    1. I’m glad also, Liz.

      I don’t think it is a matter of abuse/unkindness as much as one of neglect/carelessness. I know, the end result is the same. I hope they find her before any serious injury and consider it a wake-up call to read the residents’ health charts.


  2. Dear Lisa,

    I echo Sandra’s comment above mine. My rage indeed mount with each line. Apparently mom still has a mind and an opinion. How sad she couldn’t get anyone to listen. Evocative and well written piece.



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  3. Having been part of a group of kids having to decide the future of an elderly relative, I can tell you it’s hard. Especially if that elderly person lives alone and keeps falling, has some complex health problems. And you can tell staff about those health problems but the messages don’t always get through. At my mother in law’s home they would try to dissuade the residents from going into the garden – more trouble for the staff, I think. It was very sad as she did love plants. Well told tale

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    1. Thank you very much. I have been involved to some extent with my mom’s search for a satisfying place to live, and you’re right, there is a balance between the wishes of the person and the risks of their wishes. Thankfully, my mom is sound of mind and body and was able to find an affordable place within 2 miles of 3 siblings. God has blessed her.

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      1. Oh, that’s brilliant to hear. Yes, we had the tricky problem if a frail lady living in a rural location miles from any of her kids. After a few falls – and when she got cancer – we had to talk her round into leaving the house. Very sad all round, but an impossible situation to get exactly right. I do hope your mom’s very happy in her new home

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  4. Oh, that is sad. You foreshadow your last line by telling us of mother’s attempts to object. That primes us for something dark. When I read the reveal and saw that mother suffered from photosensitivity, I thought “Wow, that shows real malice by the kids – possibly even with fatal results.” This being Friday Fictioneers, I even wondered whether it was a very cunning murder plot!

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