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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126 — Isolation

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An oak tree, alone on a hill, may grow big and strong,
but when gale-force winds descend, it may topple down.

An oak forest, where trunks stand side by side, limb
to limb, feet entwined with each other’s, will long endure.

Oak trees do not choose where they grow. Fate chooses
where the acorn finds its way into the soil.

Where do you find yourself planted?
Did you choose it?
No? Will you pull yourself up?
Will you walk to the hill?
Walk to the forest?
Or fly where you will?

Reena Saxena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.ย  Reena says:
The theme for this week is isolation.

29 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126 — Isolation

    1. Paula, he mentioned last week that everybody at his house has to go to a hotel while the house gets new flooring. He said there is no internet access at the hotel. He didn’t say how long he would be incommunicado.

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  1. Not only is the poem brilliant, but the presentation is a work of art. It is not easy engineering words to appear in that particular format. And WordPress is not very co-operative these days. I struggled with Pre-formatted, since the Verse format got weird.

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  2. What a thought provoking poem. I loved it. In answer to your question I don’t live in a forest but I do live in a little cottage beneath a towering Ash tree – that’ll do me for the time being.

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