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A2Z Challenge 2020 Theme Reveal!

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Many of my readers have already seen what my A2Z theme will be this April.  For those who haven’t and for other A2Z 2020 participants who are interested in blog-hopping to find new, cool blogs,

::::DRUM ROLL::::


My main source of information will be the comprehensive 800 page plus 25 year anniversary revised edition of The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, written by Ms. Valerie Worwood.

I’ll be talking about the sources of the plants that are condensed into essential oils, what their therapeutics uses are, pictures, and interesting historical and cultural tidbits on them when found.  Precautions are included as well.

Some posts will talk about carrier oils, which “carry” or dilute full-strength essential oils.  Dynamite comes in small packages and just one drop of an oil can pack a wallop!

Every day will include at least one “recipe” for a remedy, beauty product, aromatherapy blend using essential oils.  The recipes will come from Ms. Worwood’s book but also from various sites on the internet.

55 thoughts on “A2Z Challenge 2020 Theme Reveal!

    1. Alexandra, I’m just new to them, so if you see anything inaccurate, I hope you will let me know. Any additional comments about them would be most appreciated as well. I’m posting from written sources and you have been using them! 🙂

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      1. I saw your blog near the top of the theme reveal list and was pretty excited.😊

        I’m doing AtoZ as well. For fun, Im writing flash fiction of some items that caught my curiosity this past year.

        I’m also doing something for school related to technology and innovation management.

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  1. Except for the cooking oil, my familiarity with the essential oils is big zero. Thought it would be great opportunity to learn something new here. Very interesting topic for me!
    Wishing you a very happy A to Z 2020 !

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