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Make your own hand sanitizer

For those getting frantic for hand sanitizer to ease your mind but can’t find any at the store, I’ve come across a recipe to make your own.

This is from Lisa Taormino RN, BSN, ASN, BS, which came to me from Penn Herbs
email newsletter:

If you’re running into empty shelves when you go shopping for hand sanitizers, don’t panic, just make your own. When you know you won’t be able to access soap and water, whip up a batch ahead of time to spray hands and surfaces.

What you will need: Bowl, spoon, spray bottle container.


  • 2/3 cup 60-99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) 

  • 1/3 cup  aloe vera gel

  • 8 to 10 drops essential oil (optional)
    Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, and Tea tree are great options.

Nothing could be easier! Simply mix the ingredients together and then pour them into the bottle. Screw the lid onto the bottle and you’re ready to go!


22 thoughts on “Make your own hand sanitizer

  1. I’ve had to make my own since people started hoarding. Oh yes, there’s some still out there but I’m severely a allergic to citrus and I don’t do so well with Aloe Vera either.

    I use the rubbing alcohol. (When I run out I use the vodka 😉 )
    Instead of aloe I use a good quality vitamin E oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil.
    Essential oils are mostly Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea tree. I never thought of the rosemary.

    Great tip!

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        1. Sounds like you’re taking good precautions. If you spray the lysol, please open a window for ventilation…
          My younger son is one of the few people left at his place as he is helping the workers get set up so all can work from home. I told him to strip when he gets home and change clothes each day then jump in the shower. I’m guessing those germs can hitch rides on things.

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          1. That is what I’ve been doing…setting people up for home. I have a remote program where I can get in their computers if they get stuck.

            That is what Ive been doing.

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                1. I know there is a way to see exactly how long a worker is on the computer, so the boss needn’t worry. The trouble is who will monitor if the workers aren’t putting their 8 hours in each day. I remember one time when I was using flex time at work and riding my bike in, the big boss questioned me about my time in. At that time every day we had to email the big boss when we got to work and email the boss when we left work — yes, unbelievable! — and my email showed up 8 minutes after the hour but my time sheet said on the hour. She emailed me and asked why the discrepancy and I said it takes 6 minutes for my computer to boot up every morning. She had the computer person time my computer to see how long it took to boot up. Sure enough, I told the truth. Ah, the world of working for da man. I don’t miss it a bit, even though in this case “da man” was a woman 🙂

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                  1. That is messed up…I have had to put down time in a place I worked years ago…everything…at 2:06 I talked to Lee about this and ended at 2:09. I was super mad so I started putting bathroom breaks. I got out of there in a hurry.

                    They know when I don’t do my job here…things crash! lol.

                    This isn’t sexist… I would rather work for a woman. My best bosses were women becasue they seem to understand more about family…with men you get that macho BS at times…they want you to know they are the king of their domain.

                    .I try to treat “my” people like adults. If I dont trust them…I don’t keep them. I’m not a babysitter. So far only a couple took advantage.

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                    1. We had people in the office who had to do the “par sheets” (not sure what it stands for) and it had to do with how much our county could get reimbursed from the state and fed governments. Counties and States have pretty much become the red-headed stepchildren to the Federal government. Our founders never wanted it this way; they wanted most of the power in the hands of the States. What ticked me off about that situation most is that she never noticed how often I worked hours after 5 to stay on top of my duties.

                      As to gender of boss, I’ve had good and bad of both, but as far as sexual harassment, I’ve never had a female boss sexually harass me.

                      I’m glad you’re a good boss!

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                    2. Our time keeping was because the IT department is the red headed step child of a company. We are an evil and not a profit making department.

                      Yes I agree…the states should have the power…No Lisa…they never count weekends or after 5 O’clock.

                      I give people rope…they can do what they want to with it. Hang themselves or climb up.

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