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A2Z 2020 — essential oils — D — using essential oils for depression

D letter

Nowadays, use of alternative and complementary therapies with mainstream medicine has gained momentum. Aromatherapy is one of the complementary therapies which use essential oils as the major therapeutic agents to treat several diseases. The essential or volatile oils are extracted from the flowers, barks, stem, leaves, roots, fruits and other parts of the plant by various methods. It came into existence after scientists deciphered the antiseptic and skin permeability properties of essential oils. Inhalation, local application and baths are the major methods used in aromatherapy that utilize these oils to penetrate the human skin surface with marked aura. Once the oils are in the system, they remodulate themselves and work in a friendly manner at the site of malfunction or at the affected area. — from Science Direct


People react to depression in different ways. The biggest danger when it comes to depression is suicide, which is why it is important to seek professional help. The use of essential oils is never to be used as a substitute for consulting with your health professional.

Depression can be caused by a medical condition (e.g. hormonal imbalance, post-natal developments, thyroid disorders) and/or a psychological factor.

There is a belief (fear?) by some that if you seek professional help you will be prescribed pills to take, which often have a nasty set of side effects. There are many non-pill forms of help, including talk therapy, meditation, massage, aromatherapy, and developing a loving support system. There are many viable options that can be explored with your health professional.

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Although there are oils and oil blends that can target specific types of depression, the following blends are considered “classic blends” to use. With each of these combo blends, dilute them with 1 fluid ounce (30 ml) of sweet almond oil or other carrier oil. Use them as bath or shower oils and in all room and inhalation methods (room diffuser, breathed from a kleenex, etc.)  Note:  if using in a diffuser, don’t use a carrier oil and put only a few drops of the blend in the diffuser at a time.

blend 1
benzoin 10 drops
black pepper 5 drops
geranium 15 drops

blend 2
clary sage 15 drops
lavender 5 drops
bergamot 10 drops

blend 3
rose otto 10 drops
sandalwood 15 drops
lemon 5 drops

blend 4
ylang ylang 8 drops
sweet orange 14 drops
cardamom 8 drops

blend 5
neroli 20 drops
petitgrain 10 drops

Most of this information has been taken from:
The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, by Valerie Worwood

If you try one or more of these blends I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts about it/them.

39 thoughts on “A2Z 2020 — essential oils — D — using essential oils for depression

  1. OK, depression is a serious topic, and I don’t want to make fun of it, but I will say this: as long as you have coffee and cinnamon rolls, how can you be depressed? Meaning, certain smells just HAVE to make you happy, no?

    My D today is about democracy in Switzerland. Not nearly as fancy as uplifting smells. You’ll get, however, to vote on something:


    Liked by 2 people

    1. You and Tamara are “joking” about depression, but it isn’t funny for those who suffer from it. Glad you find one of the blends appealing. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. Yes, we do, Bernie. (I saw your name on the A2Z list!) Are you participating this year? I’ve gone to your blog a few times and haven’t seen any posts.


  2. As an aromatherapist myself, you’ll get no argument from me about the value of using essential oils. I can’t help smiling at the adorable diffuser – who wouldn’t be charmed by a spouting unicorn?

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  3. I love aromatherapy via a diffuser but have had to curtail it after reading that it can have a toxic effect on dogs. If I use a diffuser now I do it in a closed room. Maybe I should try them another way as you suggest. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I will have to try it on a kleenex because I looked up blends for inspiration when I couldn’t seem to write but haven’t really tried them because of the diffuser situation. It never occurred to me to put it on a kleenex. I have tried smelling it from the bottle. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are miracle substances. Just remember they are extremely powerful and to be used with caution. Like having a magic wand at your disposal 😉


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