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What do you see # 24 — We are here

Image credit: Pexels

We are here

The big red “X’es” mark our sheltered places.
We’re trapped like rats as death breathes in our faces.
We each knew that this day would come in theory,
When nature’s wrath would turn on us in fury.

We’re numb and pray and think we can survive this.
We’re watching news while nibbling dwindling chips.
We’re placing faith in lying crooks and Gods care —
The scales have tipped, no mercy will be found there.



Today’s offering is in a quatrain form poem.

Sadje is the host of What do you see?

26 thoughts on “What do you see # 24 — We are here

  1. The lack of an ending is the hardest for me. I’ve been suspended in so many parts of my life for so long that I think a sense of security is now impossible. The temporary has become permanent. (K)

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    1. Same here as far as no end date. {{{HUGS}}} on the rest. It’s having a compounding affect of what I was already feeling. Whereas before I couldn’t decide what next, lockdown has reinforced the sense of languishing.

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