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dVerse — Switch

new peonies 040920rescaled


They wait for me beyond the door
To steal from me my somber scene
To play in hue and nothing more
They dot my view with rose and green

The peonies, new on the scene
A princely frog kerplunks in ditch
From gloom to bright, a magic switch



Today’s seven lines are a rhyme royal stanza in iambic pentameter, as a quatrain and a tercet, with a rhyme scheme of ABAB BCC.

Frank Hubeny is today’s host of dVerse.  Frank says:
To participate, write a poem of seven lines in any form or in no form.

49 thoughts on “dVerse — Switch

  1. I like how you dressed up the Chaucerian stanza and got playful with the form. I see the frog as one of those little red critters, hard to kiss, hard to miss.

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  2. I love seeing all the new growth sprouting. Sometimes though it seems it sprouts, grows, blooms and then dies before I have had a chance to enjoy it. This year, being at home, I am sure I will enjoy my flowers more!

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  3. I read these poems and I just realize with awe that I am sharing poems with pros’, people who have studied and written and so much more than me. And it’s good, they say you get better by playing with more skillful people. And thank you, for warmly taking amateur words player in your group, and for the support, -though I can take and wish candid observations of my blind spots and gibbering writings. 🙂

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    1. Anthony, you’re right there are some real pros and many published poets at dVerse. I’m not one of them, with no training and a desire to express and learn as I go. My two best friends are shadowpoetry.com and rhymezone. It is a warm and welcoming group you are among, including yourself now 🙂

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  4. Your peonies and princely frog have brightened up my Friday morning, Lisa! I have some of those maroon coloured shoots under the cherry tree – and my princely frog has just got up!

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  5. Yes! I know that feeling – the house feels dark and dull, but the garden has so much to offer at the moment. Our peonies won’t come on for a couple of weeks, but I saw a whole load of wild orchids on my run-walk-run this morning.

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