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dVerse — soup de jour

Image by Mikele Designer from Pixabay

Born from Mother Chaos and Father Order
Mother vivid, brash, capricious, and tormented
Father drab, introverted, obsessed, and tormented
Each ordered in their imbalances, each oblivious

I acknowledge order whether I see it or like it or not, for
The paradox of order is in chaos and the illusion of control.
My hypervigilance is on guard against the illusion of chaos
And the ordered predictability of abuse and exploitation.

Imposed order is an impossible misfit but keeps me warm
I wear it willingly when in vast sterile plains of rumination
I have my orders and you have yours, our toy soldiers
Sometimes line up and march side by side in parades

How can my obsessions and compulsions for order
Be disordered? Too many choices, too little choice
Too many chosen, too few choosable, in perpetuity
Order is an illusory anchor that tethers my homeostasis.



Laura Bloomsbury is today’s host of dVerse.  Laura says:
today’s prompt is ORDER – the NOUN not the verb:
the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.”
– Write a poem that expresses, directly or indirectly, 1st or 3rd person, your relationship with order – do you like it, want it, need it or resist it?
– Think of the way order turns up in our lives: e.g.the order of the seasons, of ceremony.
– Use the word in your title or in the body of your poem if you like
– For an extra challenge, put your poem into the order of formal poetic patterning.

35 thoughts on “dVerse — soup de jour

  1. Your last line is a powerful summation; looking for focus and balance on a shaky rope bridge in a torrent. Your introspection is refreshing.

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  2. Imposed order isn’t real order, is it? It is someone else’s construct, for THEIR own sense of order. Taught order, modeled order, suggested order, help-with-order … those are different things altogether.
    Well done with the prompt!

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    1. I had in mind imposed order being societies rules, work procedures and protocols, poetry forms, etc., not necessarily for any individual’s benefit, more like a shared set of rules all are expected to follow (which, regardless of any of these examples, will never happen).

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  3. I really love your poem Lisa. The first line explains it all, yet like a blooming flower it keeps blossoming into a prize rose!

    Each ordered in their imbalances, each oblivious So true of many!!

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  4. Glad you took this Chaos/Cosmos (cosmos almost literally means order as the opposite/ duality that grows from Chaos and vice versa.) angle I first thought I’d write about. Can’t have one without the other, no duality in reality. Thank god I didn’t as I am happy on my poem and yours is just amazing! Like WOW amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Anthony, glad you like it. Those first few lines are meant in a cosmic sense, but they are also meant in a very up-close sense, as I am describing my actual parents. Quite the pair they were. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and they are a perfect example of it.

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