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Dotty Dear dVerse OLN

Dotty Dear

Dotty Dear

Her thin white hairs
Float in the air,
Stick to my clothes,
Go up my nose –
They’re everywhere!

Cat on my chest,
Her own bequest;
Claws say I’m hers;
So do her purrs –
Food is her quest.


Lillian is today’s host of dVerse today, for Open Link Night.

32 thoughts on “Dotty Dear dVerse OLN

    1. Not perfect, and Mlady still “hunts” Dotty, but not with the homicidal intent she had before lol. Last night, Mlady came down from the top of the couch and laid down on my right, and Dotty always curls under my left arm. It was so nice.

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  1. LOVE this lighthearted post! Before we moved to Boston in ’97, we lived in Iowa and had a wonderful Siamese cat we named Blossom. Oh yes…..her whiskers ticked me awake many a morning….or her lying upon my chest kneading me with her paws….and always that wonderful purr. Having owned a cat, I understand where that phrase, “Purring with contentment” comes from!

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