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What do you see # 27 — Surprise

Image credit- Pixabay- Willgard


At 102 years old, the best part of her day was sitting on the warm wooden bench, in the sun, watching the wind ruffle the water’s surface and rustle through the oak and willow trees. Her sons and their wives, now in their 70’s, joined her a couple of times a week at the water’s edge. If she was lucky her grandkids and great grandkids gathered for croquet on the lawn. The assisted living center was family friendly, as they understood family visits kept their residents satisfied.

When the virus hit, it took her quickly, but she was blessed to be able to say goodbye to every one.

As she closed her eyes and her last labored breath was exhaled, she fell into a dream. She was floating in silver-golden sparkles and rising, rising, up towards the clouds. Her body was carried along in a sparkling funnel opening to the heavens, swirling in a giant arc, ever upward.

She didn’t know how long she’d floated but at some point a golden, shimmery light surrounded her – and she understood. Everything. She was one with The Source. She always knew she would rejoin the Mysterious Mother.

She was suspended for an eternity in the light that at the same time felt only like a moment – when the light flicked off like a light switch. Her eyes were closed and she felt the strength of the universe in her limbs. She opened her eyes and was overcome with the realization that she was now a tree. Not just any tree though; she was the very oak tree she had spent so much time enjoying the presence of while sitting on the warm wooden bench.

She was surprised as she realized she shared her form with so many others. How could she have ever guessed that heaven resided within trees?


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23 thoughts on “What do you see # 27 — Surprise

  1. Wonderful story Lisa.
    β€œUnless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
    Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The Lorax

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  2. Awesome story! Loved it. My supervisor once told me that you can have a tree planted in your name after you die. We were chatting about how expensive it can be to pay for coffins and ceremonies and such.

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