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dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

Too Big For The Small House--Alice in Wonderland--Marjorie Torrey ...
“Too Big for The Small House,” by Marjorie Torrey


Alice Gone Wild

Our girths and portals swell and shrink,
Adhere, adjust to what we eat,
Our appetites great stones that sink;
Condemn our home for taste of meat,

We lie and kill and steal and cheat
To have first choice to fuck hot pink.
Design the odds; we can’t be beat.
World by the tail – or so we think…

Now comes a-creep, a tiny thing.
It wears a crown, up close we meet.
“I’ll kill you all.” Now here’s the thing:
It walks the walk, pandemic sleet.

We lock things down, evade complete —
Until impulse does howl and sting.
“No bug can curb our stomping feet!”
Our doors explode; our anguish rings.

Corpse fertilize green living things.
We are no more except to feed
Now balanced chain; our absence sings.
A soft goodbye whispers the trees.


Today’s offering is a quatrain with rhyme scheme abab, baba…

Anmol (alias HA) is today’s host of dVerse.  Anmol says:
I would like you to think about portals today and write a verse based on your understanding or taking inspiration from the ones that I have shared here.

40 thoughts on “dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

  1. You make a quatrain sing and cajole and sting and offer succor. You blend Lewis Carroll and today seamlessly. Your words are jabs and uppercuts, kidney punches and knee capping. What a ride.

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  2. Your quatrain is an eerily dark take on Alice, Lisa, which has conjured weird pictures in my head! The rhyme and rhythm remind me of the cautionary tales for children by Heinrich Hoffman and Hilaire Belloc, although yours is most definitely not for children! I love the way you personified the virus as ‘a tiny thing’ that wears a crown – great wordplay!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oH LisA, tHis is JuST stupEndUos!..!
    That second stanza is where we like to live, but life and death can get us by the throat, I have realized I can’t design the odds, but I still want to figure out what to do with the hot pink 🙂

    Lisa, I will take this and Grace’s piece as my fav Coronaverses this trail. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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