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#FF — Pink Peace

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Ladies Of The Universal Sacrament’s (LOTUS) operations convene in their new headquarters on Tuesday. The mobile complex includes She-House, habi-condos, and a silver jade fountain that flows with artesian spring water.

LOTUS assesses, monitors, and enforces The Sacrament – peace in the galaxy.

Like its predecessor, the Bat Light, the Telepathic Neon Lotus (aka Pink Peace) links with the minds of the Ladies when trouble is afoot. Transporter Platforms blink them and their complex to the affliction.

Local Tribunal ensures all sides are heard. Rulings and sentences are immediate. Prisons are no more. The guilty are vaporized.

Long Live LOTUS!

[100 words]

David’s photo and Rochelle’s story inspired me to write this one.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the encouraging host of Friday Fictioneers.

73 thoughts on “#FF — Pink Peace

  1. I dig the acronym. I like to make up backronyms like that, too.

    Your story’s a little scary though. It was a cool sci-fi, superhero story. Then… Boom! Capital punishment for all. I don’t know if that’s how you intended it, but I’m imagining a kid stealing a piece of gum. Dead! Dead. Jaywalking. Dead! No appeals. No retrial. Death penalty all around. Dead!

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    1. Glad you like acronym. Maybe I wasn’t clear in the story that making war is the capital crime. Stealing gum, jaywalking, etc. aren’t warmongering. Non-warmongering offenses will be handled in a community-based, non-incarceration way.

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    1. I know that statistics have shown that punishment has little effect as a deterrent to crime, but in this specific situation, I think it would. I am thinking of developing the idea.

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    1. I would like to write up a full story on this. The whole idea intrigues me. Most of the time this type of draconian justice is a dystopia people want to get away from. I think this galaxy could be something special.

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        1. I took a drive this afternoon out along the lake. The beach was full of people, all disregarding any distance between others. Very discouraging. It did feel good to get out and drive with the windows down and the music cranked.

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            1. Nobody had masks on. It was just like any other warm day at the beach 😦 I haven’t been in a store in a good while (when I went to that farm store out in the middle of nowhere.) My older son seems to be going to the store a lot and he says the same thing you do. My younger son ran to Tractor Supply for me on Monday to get bird seed and cat food.

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              1. I stay away from people and it is ok so far. I thought TN opened too soon but they did it smart. They let the counties decide. Davidison who holds Nashville waited for a while as did Memphis…
                Our county has 110 positive but no deaths so far…and around half I believe recovered.

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  2. I fear that even nice ladies would turn into tyrants if they had that sort of power. You might start with war-mongering, and then think sports hooligans are the breeding ground for war, so… and so on.
    Neat idea though!

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    1. I hear you. Shades of “Animal Farm” arise. When humans are involved, there’s bound to be problems. Since this is an universal, intergalactic group of ladies, the assembled group is a little outside of the normal trajectory. Thank you very much for reading and your insightful comment, Penny.


  3. Oh, thank God, I will never be vaporized!
    This was a real out of box tale, almost felt that there is such an organization named LOTUS…hehehe.

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