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dVerse — A day’s rain

Gladiolus in the Rain,garden flower,pink and white Painting by ...“Gladiolus in the Rain,garden flower,pink and white,” by Valeria Belogurova


You know it comes, the stage is set
Sky turns to grey, wind changes gear
Hushed hiss or pour from sky – all’s wet
A sound you see, a sight you hear.

Pink blossoms pray, “Please, not too hard!”
Worms curl and dance, green frogs all cheer
Bees huddle up near sog-winged birds
A sound you see, a sight you hear.

A day washed clean, dust drained away
Clouds now squeezed dry, bright filtered air
Fresh breeze restored, sense rearranged
Such sights you see, such sounds you hear!




Today’s offering is in kyrielle form.

Sarah is today’s host of dVerse.  Sara says:
Tonight, I want you to give me a rainy poem. Give me your rain –

46 thoughts on “dVerse — A day’s rain

  1. Love the slight change in the last line for the last stanza. I remember when I was a little girl and all the worms would seem to come out on the sidewalk after it rained. I thought it neat then….not so much anymore. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lillian. It’s weird to think worms need to breathe, but when they “dance” in the rain, they’ve left the drenched soil and they’re trying not to drown.


  2. I love the anticipation and build-up in the opening stanza, and the reactions of the worms and frogs in the second, Lisa. The final stanza, the ‘day washed clean’ and the clouds squeezed dry, made me sigh with pleasure.

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    1. Hope sun returns soon for you! Are you all still on lockdown? Our governor lifted ours yesterday, but I’m so used to staying in now I haven’t been anywhere.


      1. I don’t feel like I’m on lockdown, except for not being able to travel and go for pints. Been shopping and had family over for barbecue. We can meet at social distances but still can’t travel over 5K and pubs ,certain shopping outlets and restaurants not open yet.

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          1. They’re not open yet. I’ve put a box colour in my hair, shaved my legs, applied fake tanand made a green tea and yoghurt mask … and that was just to meet my pals in the park for the afternoon. We had a picnic with wine. The weather was fantastic and we had a blast. It was great to just chat and laugh till we almost peed 😁😁😁😎😎

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