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#FF — Just Another Day in Paradise

PHOTO PROMPT ยฉ Ted Strutz

Just Another Day in Paradise

She works until 5. He’s hitched the Siren 17 trailer to the back of his 4 cylinder truck, loads the cooler with bottles that will be icy soon, and waits.

She comes home, changes from suit to shorts, tank top, and flip-flops; grabs towels, sunscreen, and tupperware filled-with-crunchies and is ready.

After nabbing a bag of ice at Quik Mart, last stop before the marina is Subway. His sub is all meats and cheeses; hers all veggies except tomatoes, light on the jalapeno and banana peppers.

Within a half-hour, they are slowly pulling away from the dock on Mystery Ship.

[100 words]

This is a fictionalized story of a summer routine my ex- and I used to follow in the summer. Michigan can be brutal with cold weather in winter, but it truly is paradise in summer. As we lived within a few minutes of the marina at the time, it was a sweet way to spend afternoons and evenings.

Thanks to Ted for his photo, which brought the memories back.

siren 17
not our boat, but an identical one to it

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    1. Linda, Iive in the Lower Peninsula, almost directly across the lake from Milwaukee. My son went to college in the UP though, so I don’t blame you for wanting to go there and take a picnic lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

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