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dVerse — villanelle — Green Disease

The Walking Man’s wallpaper of Pearl Jam’s, “Green Disease” logo

We should control our avarice
It matters not if kith nor kin
It makes our souls cadaverous

Our urge to win is sick, scabrous,
Where matricide isn’t a sin
We can’t control our avarice

Our Mother’s become cancerous
We can’t tell her bone from her skin
It makes our souls cadaverous

Our eyes gulp down what’s glamorous
Bite down on rancid lure of spin
We won’t control our avarice

Trumpet blares makes shit look lustrous
Extrusion-cased, a plastic bin
It makes our souls cadaverous

We need to grow a gravitas
What’s left of poisoned air grows thin
We must control our avarice

Message clear, writ on papyrus
Avoid the morbid mortis grin
We will control our avarice
Or face our end, calamitous



Today’s offering is a villanelle form poem. The two words that popped into my head earlier were avarice and cadaverous, so that was my starting point.

Frank Hubeny is today’s host of dVerse.  Frank says:
Today the challenge is to write three-line poems or poems having mainly three-line stanzas.  In other words the focus is on tercets or as I titled this prompt, “triplets”.

25 thoughts on “dVerse — villanelle — Green Disease

  1. a wondrous weaving of words, avarice and cadaverous …
    I had just commented elsewhere that I hope this isolation might have curbed some people’s materialism as nature restored herself!

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  2. “We will control our avarice” I’m not really expecting that. What in the world are all the people gonna do with random armfuls of assorted sized clothing and twelve TVs… There is no end to the avarice so I can see that end calamitous

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  3. Great use of the villanelle form, Lisa. I love the alternation of rhymes and the way you riffed on the word ‘cadaverous’. The lines that stand out, especially for the play on ‘Trump’, are
    ‘Trumpet blares makes shit look lustrous
    Extrusion-cased, a plastic bin’.
    Thanks for the blast of Pearl Jam!

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      1. Actions are needed, we in other countries should get our support protests going on, UN should say something but no, this one is in our hands. As people we will have to make it end, take back the control and liberty, hell dignity is even taken away! Votes wont in my opinion decide how this goes, the people will. Right now, Bullied like they do in third world dictatorships.. No, or where is the Congress? The Senate?

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