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#FF — In the year 2120

PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

Forget about Tesla and NASA — Amazon created the future with its innovations.

What started out as home delivery of everything from artichokes to zithers through the public postal service morphed into a fleet-of-vans lifeline during the beginning of Covid Times a hundred years ago.

These days vans are driven by AI androids called Amabots.

Ever-morphing killer viruses descended from C-19 hunt us.

Most humans live in sanitized boxed dwellings in front of screens while Amabots keep things running. Amabots love walks on the beach and amusement parks on holiday. The air rides are their favorites.

Bezos Clan are Gods.

[102 words]


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the host of Friday Fictioneers.

52 thoughts on “#FF — In the year 2120

  1. I can’t help thinking that the complaints about working conditions and Amazon’s need to keep up with demand will ensure they will develop robotic workers in warehouses and delivery drivers. I imagine they are investing a lot to develop this as we write. Good take.

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  2. You saw robots, too. I thought I would be the only one that weird.

    I can see some twisted version of the future where Amazon takes over and Bezos is worshipped as a deity. This reminds me of a joke from one of my stories, “Yes, Amazon.com, a website, was elected president of the United States and eventually the world. That’s just humans being humans. The sad part is, it was a lot better than many rulers throughout the planet’s history. It actually delivered on its promises, usually in just two days.” (https://nobbinblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/23/l-squad-vignettes-episode-four-camp-l-squad/)

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    1. I think there are a few of us weirdos this week.

      Oh how that amuses me. It’s how amazon has gotten to where it is today. It has follow-through. There were a few blips on the screen for these recent unprecedented times, but in its history the only one I know of.

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    1. Shrawl, I think there are a couple of devils out there vying for top pitchfork these days. I usually buy my music from the label or the musician, but I have been getting some e-books from amazon, which I know is not good. Thanks!

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  3. This sounds about right unfortunately…and lucky us are in the beginning of the nightmare.

    I told Bailey he may tell his kids…at one time…we could go out without masks!

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  4. This is terrifying…and could very well be our future reality…so far, for me, every crazy new tactic to fight the virus has been frightening but then with lightening speed, becomes the ho hum norm…Hmmm. Not good.

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