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Parasites and Hunter-Killers

Covid-19 hunter-killers


Hunter who has studied us
One who knows our ev’ry like
Sent by Mother Gaia, who
Says it’s time for us to shift

When our bodies have a foe
We send out the phagocytes
Killer cells who eat them up
Balanced health an unspoke right

We are now the parasites
Mother’s body’s had enough
Time for her to end us all
Virus plows us into dust


I decided to take a chance in going to a small bulk foods store run by the Amish in a community 40 miles or so from here. This is the 3rd time going into a store since mid-March, and each store has been chosen by the usually limited number of people who are there at any time. Pulling into the gravel parking lot, I was surprised how many cars were there. I put my mask on and walked in.  What was even more surprising was when I got into the store. Maybe 2 others of the 30 or so who were in there shopping, including all ages, were wearing masks. The Amish workers were not wearing them either. I kept my distance while shopping and mentioned to the main cashier lady, an older woman who is always working the register, “A little busy today, eh?”

She responded, “These days it’s always busy. We serve whomever comes through the door.”

Her eyes met mine, and there was a look of sad apology in them. She would like to turn away those without the masks, but she’s been given her instructions to serve all. Just as the magas have implicitly been given theirs. Their leader tells them the virus scare is a left wing hoax, and you are unamerican if you don the mask.

I read the headlines in The Bridge that a nightclub in East Lansing (home of Michigan State University,) which has been swarmed with young people since reopening has become a Covid-19 hotspot. From my son this afternoon I learned that because so many of the Lansing clubbers were from Grand Rapids that Grand Rapids is spiking in Covid-19 cases.  Another headline states:

For some Michigan college students, coronavirus is a risk worth taking

My sons live in Grand Rapids. When they come to visit, we all stay outside and visit from our bag chairs. We don’t hug anymore, mask or no mask.

Today’s poem was inspired by today’s events and learnings.

17 thoughts on “Parasites and Hunter-Killers

  1. It is very unfortunate when educated and sensible people ignore warnings and do stupid things. I don’t know when this will end but there people are extending the life of this pandemic.

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    1. Both sons masks. They do go grocery shopping with masks. One son and his wife work at home. One son works in a hospital and must wear a mask on the job and was already a germphobic before all of this. His girlfriend works at home. The weak link in the chain is that she visits her family quite a bit and her mother and two of her brothers work in prisons.

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  2. It’s such a simple courtesy, to wear a mask. No leadership, and too many young people who want the privilege of adulthood without the responsibility. Wait, that describes our “leaders” too! (K)

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  3. It’s finally mandatory in Nashville. In my small town it’s not for some reason but I always wear one. At work I’m lucky…I’m locked into my empty IT department and I’ve locked everyone out.

    I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to wear one. I don’t understand or comprehend the world I live in.

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      1. When I go to grocery stores where I live…more women have them on than men. I think with men it’s a macho thing…that is the only thing I can think of…which is dumb.

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  4. Your poem hits deep ❤

    There is a call to make masks mandatory here but I know there will still be people who don't wear one. I do enjoy theatrically avoiding those folks when I come across them though, so there's that. 🙂
    My dentist has a medical grade mask with filters and the like and he told me when people see him out in it, they give him the widest berth because it looks like something used for disease control…oh wait! Masks are made for disease control! Ha Ha Ha. People! Ugh!

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    1. I very much appreciate your comment. How many times have we seen pictures of people in other countries wearing them over the years and thought it would never reach here. Well it has and it is what it is. People, put the masks on and until we see conclusive reasons why there is no need.


    1. GOOD! It’s the only sensible thing to do. My daughter in-law said, somewhat tongue in cheek, that they never should have said wearing one protects others, as who wants to be the idiot protecting others?


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