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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #142 — 12 Monkeys Chattering

Army of the 12 Monkeys

The genii is COVID-19, which goes without saying. Allowing myself a moment to think of the genii not getting back into the bottle reminds me of the plot of the movie, “Twelve Monkeys.” The movie starts with the world as a lifeless wasteland for the most part, where humans live in cubicles not quite big enough to straighten out in, underground, away from the deadly virus that has been released at some earlier time. Humans, in their ingenuity, have developed a time machine, where they keep sending teams back to various times in hope of discovering when and how the virus was released in order to prevent the catastrophe before it happens.

It makes me wish we could design a time machine. Do you think it is possible? I think it is. Our thoughts and memories that happened years ago can be recalled in a moment. Scientists say that they are electrical impulses, but I know they are more than that. They are time travelers. If we can figure out the mechanics of thoughts, where they go, how they are stored, and how they morph, it will lead to how we can have our bodies travel through time along with our thoughts.

In the movie, it is discovered that someone has intentionally released the devastating virus that has turned Earth into a wasteland. How do you think it would change things to learn that someone intentionally released COVID-19 into the world? Would it shock you to learn that devastating diseases have been intentionally released upon unknowing individuals as part of experimental research projects? Would it surprise you to learn that HIV might be one of them?  (see Rolling Stone Magazine’s, “The Plague Years,” by David Black, issues 444 and 445.)

Why must we enslave human ingenuity into the service of evil? I remember learning about — I think it was in a Michael Moore movie — how all of the brilliant mathematical minds are snagged up by the stock exchanges to develop trading algorithms to maximize profits at the quickest rates. They use them to build digital and optic pathways for the machines so they trade milliseconds faster than their competition. I liken the use of these minds for that purpose to using a giant battery to electrify a mountain of excrement instead of powering benevolent projects that can help every living being on our planet.

I guess, to me, the genii is not COVID-19 as much as it is the pathological parasitic greed for “more,” whatever form that takes. Can it be put back into the bottle? What are you, personally, willing to do to help push it back in?

Reena Saxena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.  Reena says:

The genie is not getting back in the bottle

Yes, the line above is your theme or prompt for the week. Twist it any way, try to push it back, experiment with formats and words and let us see the story that emerges.

24 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #142 — 12 Monkeys Chattering

  1. If you had a time machine, I’m assuming you wouldn’t send it back to find the origin of Covid-19, but rather to give a condom to Fred Trump on some specific date 😉 Little we can do about using the best and brightest minds for the profit of a few unless you went back to, say, the time of Homo Habilis…

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    1. Jim, it makes perfect sense, but it’s a very complicated plot. I had to watch the movie several times to figure out as much as I did. Well worth the effort. I had it in VHS but need to get it in DVD (just in time for the technology to change to something else.)

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  2. You’re spot on when you discuss why some high functioning people can’t use their brains for the betterment of the world as a whole rather than prostituting themselves for the almighty dollar. It seems the all mighty dollar always wins out. Perhaps we need to reassess our values and shift our priorities.

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    1. Yes, Len. Wouldn’t it be nice if the top 100 students of every university’s graduating class was mandated to spend the first 5 years of their post-graduate careers in a field that benefits all life on the planet? Think of where it could take us….

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  3. Pandora’s box was opened long ago. I do think time is malleable. But of course change one thing and you open a whole new can of worms. How to raise better humans? That’s the key. (K)

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