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Doodads (not photos of the garden)

Just a few things that don’t fit neatly into other posts.

Oat Milk

It’s official.  I’m now using oat milk in my coffee instead of unsweetened almond milk.  I decided to give oat milk a try after reading an article about the harmful effect on the environment almond milk has, especially on bees that are forced to pollinate all of the almond trees instead of other crops on the west coast. I started using it on Monday and proclaim that it not only tastes as good as almond milk, it’s notably better.  There is more creaminess to the taste while caloric and nutritional amounts are equivalent.  Supposedly oats are much easier on the environment to grow than are almond trees.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell,  the evil minion/pimp/socialite closely associated with maybe-dead Jeffery Epstein, the evil exploiter of young girls, has been found and arrested as of last week and now sits in a gulag of justice in New York.  I read an excellent feature on her in Vanity Fair yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder why she was hopping from place to place, including the Virgin Islands, shifting hundreds of thousands of dollars here and there into various bank accounts yet then made herself available to be found and arrested when all was said and done.  It’s almost as if she was following someone’s –hmmmm, who could it be? —  instructions.

If you had a choice between quietly disappearing and living a life of anonymity or allowing yourself to be captured and serving prison time to satisfy the appetite for punishment that the victims of Epstein never got with him — not to mention the tens of millions of dollars he conveniently sent to the Virgin Islands just before hanging himself, some of which was to be paid to the victims — for a few years, then be discharged to go pick up the hidden treasure to live your golden years in infamous opulence, which one would you choose?

Ghislaine could very well be the mastermind of the whole enterprise.  Her own daddy made his fortune in mysterious ways and died of suspected foul play, only to be posthumously revealed as a con artist piece of ………..  It didn’t take her long to find another man to step into daddy’s shoes.  I hope she serves a maximum sentence with no early releases.  I hope any assets connected with her (and Epstein!) are commandeered to give the victims some compensation.  The rest of the hundreds of millions, ill-gotten gains, need to used to investigate the insidious web of international sex trafficking that Epstein and Maxwell are linked to.  These exploiters need to be ferreted out and punished as well.


13 thoughts on “Doodads (not photos of the garden)

  1. I was thinking the other day, after grocery shopping, that the bag of shaved almonds needed to be my last, for that very reason. I love almonds, but not at the expense of the planet.

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  2. I read that article. Not one good thing to say about her. She knows a lot. If she doesn’t “commit suicide” like Epstein, she will be protected by what she knows about a lot of powerful people and get off easy. If she talks, look out…(k)

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    1. I thought it was a very well done article didn’t you? I’d like to see her spill her guts on all of them, but you’re right, the lords of darkness will find a way to keep her mouth shut. I’m against cutting deals with monsters anyway, even while knowing it’s the only way to get at some other monsters. She needs to see some serious time for what she did. I wonder if they have something like a protective custody undisclosed location prison? Not a country club one either! She’s like one of those super-villains that they lock in a deep cave with 100 locks on the door so she can’t get out.

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  3. …Oat milk has a long shelf life too. I didn’t know that about Almond milk – I just thought almond milk tasted grainy (at least the batch I tried did). I get lactose free milk. Oat milk looks a little thin, like skim milk. But maybe better than powdered milk. I knew a family that grew up on powdered milk. Not sure what that advantage was. Guess you just make what you need? It’s all what one is used to I guess.

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    1. with the nut milks you have to shake the container each time you use it. I didn’t know that about oat milk either. Our family of 7 kids and 2 adults used powdered milk. Easier to keep in stock, it tasted so bad it wouldn’t be guzzled by anyone. We were really poor so the folks cut corners however they could.


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