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dVerse — taijitu turns


Just found out that in Chinese mythology, the dragon and phoenix are the  representations of love and what a happy ma… | Phoenix dragon, Dragon art,  Animal paintings
stylized taijitu symbol

maker memory law:
hold the circle firmly
and tattoo with two
fish profiles chasing
each other, a revolution
of infinity. As the moon
chases the sun across
the sky, each resting
in equal measure,
light and shadow a
matched pair, dancing

from the darkness
comes a seed to the light
creation bursts forth
in the warmth,
with nurturance blossoms,
bears fruit
with seeds that will sleep
under white blanket
dreams of green

compromise of spring
begins a loop again

Merril is today’s host at dVerse.  Merril says:
So, today I want you to write a poem that explores revolution in some way. My aim is not to be particularly political. You can write about historical or modern revolutionary movement, but you can also write about the revolution of celestial bodies, or you can discuss revolving motion in some way. You can also use a painting as inspiration. Perhaps start your own poetic revolution or invent a revolutionary new poetic form!

50 thoughts on “dVerse — taijitu turns

  1. I had never heard of or seen a taijitu symbol before, Lisa, and think it’s rather beautiful. I like the idea of a ‘revolution of infinity’ and my favourite lines are:
    ‘from the darkness
    comes a seed to the light
    creation bursts forth’.

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  2. Billy Preston is having a lot of fun singing this song. Preston co-wrote ‘Will It Go Round In Circles’ with his friend and regular collaborator Bruce Fisher, who got to quit his job in the NBC mailroom when the song blew up. Preston told Fisher that he had a song but didn’t have a melody. They made a joke out of that, and the joke became a song.

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    1. Oh wow, that’s a cool origin story. It’s a very metaphysical concept, the paradox of the lyrics. “I got a dance, it ain’t got no steps.” Isn’t it neat how just one word or one line can be a “seed” that bursts forth of such wonderful creativity?

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  3. “maker memory law:
    hold the circle firmly
    and tattoo with two
    fish profiles chasing
    each other…”

    This is explosive in impact and imagery. So innovative and imaginative. The cycle of nature and creation, they are one and the same. It’s revolutionary in what it brings forward to the earth either as humans, animals, or plants. I could go further and say that from nature, there also comes our inspirations and what we take from them with us as we grow.

    Such the introspective piece. Beautiful and lovely writing!

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    1. Thank you, Lucy. Once you see the cyclicity of things, each at its own pace and each intersecting with others in infinite networks, it’s difficult to unsee. All-that-is, connected by a matrix with all-that-is, like little permeable gears in a celestial clockwork.

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  4. A straight line ultimately leads back to itself, yin & yang, a snake eating its own tail, cosmic concentric circles that travel beyond a billion billion galaxies, as we acknowledge our parcel of AllThatIs; damn rights. I liked ,”with seeds that will sleep under white blanket dreams of green”.

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