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dVerse — Haibun Monday — Now I am 6

me at my 6 year birthday party low res
from l-r:  cousin Susie (4.5 yrs older than me), Debbie V (school friend), me (now 6 years old), and Peggy (neighborhood friend)


I turned six over fifty years ago, so there is a lot I don’t remember about the day of my sixth birthday party. I do remember these four girls. My cousin, Susie, and I were inseparable as kids. She, being four and a half years older than me, was the natural leader. Back then we were about the same size. Now I’m almost six feet tall and she is just shy of five feet. Debbie was a happy child and I remember exactly where she lived, probably because her house could be seen from the boulevard through town and was passed often. Peggy was a twin that lived a block down and across the street. Her brother was Paul, and one day my mom got a visit from Peggy and Paul’s mom; as I had literally ripped Paul’s shirt off of him in anger. They didn’t live there long. After they moved out, my best friend, Terry, moved in with his family.

There was a tornado warning that day and all of us had to go into the basement and wait. Michigan has had over one thousand tornadoes touch down between 1950 and 2012, making it twentieth in the nation for most recorded tornadoes in that time period. One did not touch down that day in my town. I wonder if I remember it because I was scared or because the party was interrupted?

Old memories flown
except for sparse tattered shreds –
posed celluloid smiles.



Kim is today’s host of dVerse.  Kim says:
For this challenge, I ask you to think about your own birthdays, ones from the past, one that is coming up, a memorable one, or one you are dreading. Whether it’s birthday cake and balloons, a quiet glass of wine on your own that turned into something memorable, or a complete disaster, I’d like you to share a birthday with us.

55 thoughts on “dVerse — Haibun Monday — Now I am 6

  1. What a six-year-old cutie! Such a shame we can’t remember everything from the past, although it is all in there somewhere, Lisa. You remembered your friends, though, and they must made it even more special. Because I only ever see the little circle with your smiling face in it, I didn’t realise you were so tall! My daughter is too. Fancy spending your birthday in the basement because of a tornado warning! We don’t get them here, although I’ve seen footage of them and, of course, I remember what happened in the Wizard of Oz! That does make it twice as memorable. I love the haiku.

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  2. A fun and fascinating memory. Several of my memories at 3-5, it turned lout later were things told to me later by my mother. Memory, clouded by age now, is a special effort, which garners varied results.

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  3. So much memory here especially with the associations with old friends, and then the abrupt interruption of the party with a tornado warning. It is indeed the strangest things that stick with us for life. I wonder with some events, if the strange occurrences are one of the only reasons we remember these memories either so vividly or strongly.

    Such an eloquent haiku, wonderfully entwined in the event you described. Excellent piece, and a fantastic take on the prompt.

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  4. Photos are visual stories and this one speaks about friendship and joy. Peggy looks a little leery about joining in. Did you pull her on her shirt too? Just kidding.
    I like the interesting details that you remember and how the haiku even has a hint of tornado swirling through it. Speaking of tornadoes, we had a watch here today with our severe thunderstorms, so the basement was a good place to be.

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    1. Mish, never thought of that part with Peggy, so funny! lol I wish I could remember what made me so ticked I would do what I did to the kid. He probably earned it. Hoping the storm passes by you without any damage, and yes on the basement.

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  5. Memories are made of this. I remember my grandaughter expecting her 6th birthday party, which had to be cancelled because of islandwide flooding that year.
    Have a nice week


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    1. Pat, I have a lot of memories from childhood! Many of them around things not so good, but many happy memories also. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the photo and the haibun.


    1. The train tracks ran behind our house where I grew up. I remember one time there was a ruckus out back. Standing around in the crowd, I heard one adult say someone had been mangled. I had no idea what mangled meant but from the tone of their voice I knew it wasn’t good.


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