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dVerse — verbify — motioning


coffeeing sips
early miling
fall tomatoing
depeppering plants
deadheading pinks
watering dusts due to
hoarding clouds
sweating, drained,
chickadeed, jaying,
unseeded lazying,
jungled and joking
unhumusing compost
unrelaxed incenser



Björn is today’s host for dVerse. Björn says:
Verbing is a great tool that can also be a tool for imagery and metaphors. So find a few creative nouns (or use some of the examples I have given) and weave a poem around them.

50 thoughts on “dVerse — verbify — motioning

  1. I adore the cat animation, Lisa, and the imaginative and creative verbifications, especially the phrases ‘coffeeing sips’, ‘depeppering plants’, the alliterative ‘jungled and joking’, and the wonderful verb ‘chickadeed’!

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  2. Oh, I love this so much, Lisa. This is so innovative and I can see a plethora of imagery coming through in your words like gigantic waves. I see farms, I see tilling soil, rotating crops, and interestingly enough, I thought of the dust-bowl a bit here with some phrases you used.

    And I can also see the Radiohead influence! I love OK Computer. Such a great album.

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  3. Wonderful verbifying here. Hurrah, our minds were on similar tracks tonight, but I came up with potatoeing, just for the levity and absurdity; nice job

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      1. We were wondering a while back why our people we follow keep coming up to click follow every time we come on. I think it is because those followers do not have a Word Press blog. Only Word Press bloggers show up in my reader site. If you have google or another .com they get dropped.

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