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For those of us who live along the western edge of Michigan, the lake is in our back yards. I’ve never lived more than five miles from the lake (for long) as the water pulls me to it. Beyond the water though, the sand dunes act as both a buffer to any weather that comes at us from across it eastward and as a warm-up to climb before getting to the reward of the water. People who live here accept the dunes and water as a complementary pair.

Unless a hiking path is going over a major one, most curl and weave through them and forests that clothe them, at least on one side. Most are half-dressed, exposing half to the water, the sun, and the wind. This side is vulnerable to the elements. The other half is covered by beech, maple, evergreens, and undergrowth. The flora and their leaves, which turn to humus, help stabilize the slippery sugar sand. It’s much easier to walk on stabilized paths.

Firm footsteps climb shade
to breezes and open blue –
joy reels with the gulls.

Frank J. Tassone is today’s host at dVerse.  Frank says:
Whatever your pleasure, today, let us write haibun in which we use the word “hike,” alluding to whatever context we find most meaningful. For those new to haibun, write a prose paragraph or two, followed by a haiku, in which you include a seasonal reference, and a complement of divergent images that provokes insight.

54 thoughts on “dVerse — haibun — dunewater

  1. Today’s prompt is like a ticket for a round-the-world-trip from the safety of the computer. I know nothing about Michigan, but you have taken me there, Lisa. I have always been drawn to lakes, as much as to the sea. Lakes have trees and other features that beaches don’t have. I love the idea of joy reeling with the gulls.

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  2. As a kid we spent a week every year in Western Mich, up close to Travers City. We spent most of our time on a small lake, but did go to The Lake at least once a year, and often to Sleeping Bear Dunes, so I kind of get this. I grew up within a couple of miles from another Great Lake, Erie, so have that need to be close to water.

    Nice haibun.

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    1. Traverse City is a beautiful place, even more so because of the bays and the peninsulas that make them. It’s grown up a lot in the last 20-30 years, with big hotels lining a lot of the water and many fine dining establishments on Main Street and dotted amongst the wineries on the middle peninsula. Glad you can understand that need to be close to water, Trent. Thanks.

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  3. I’ve only been as far as Wisconsin and would really like to explore the coasts of Michigan. The dunes, in your words like “slippery sugar sand,” sound magical.

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    1. Wisconsin is our neighbor across the water, and also the home to Manitowoc (sp?) where “The Making of a Murderer” is set (netflix series.) You can’t beat the beaches of West MI, and to the north are mostly deserted. It is magical.

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    1. Thank you, Frank. In my area there are a couple of really nice state parks to hike that I know like the back of my hand. I hope you have a chance to hike the dunes one day. (Note: most dunes aren’t as huge as the mountains you are probably used to.)

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  4. Terrific sharing, brought each of us to your side. I only visited the Western edge of the Great Lakes, which are truly an inland sea; fascinated by the huge Lake Boats, and the terrible storms. I live near Puget Sound, but ikt’s like a mud puddle in comparison.

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    1. I’m looking at a googled map and see a couple of things right away. You have a Mountain (McKinley?) in sight, which is danged cool. Another is lots of land surrounds the sound. Where are you on the sound (same side as Seattle or on the other side?) That’s some mud puddle!


  5. Great post and haiku. There is nothing like standing on top of the dunes. We have been to the dunes at Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, NC. They don’t have the shade you mention in you Haiku~

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    1. Thank you, Dwight. There are some dunes that are like deserts along the coast, including Silver Lake and Sleeping Bear. I’ve been on Silver Lake dunes with a group on a commercial dune buggy as a kid a few times and it isn’t something you soon forget.

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  6. kaykuala

    This side is vulnerable to the elements.
    The other half is covered by beech, maple,
    evergreens, and undergrowth.

    A discernable contrast between the 2 sides would make a spectacular scene to appreciate and admire, Jade! A privilege in fact!


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  7. Thank you for sharing your view of Lake Michigan, Lisa. How I would love to visit the Great Lakes! We also live close to a lake shore but it’s very different. Sand dunes remind me of childhood seashore memories. How delightful to have lake and dunes combined! I absolutely love the line ‘joy reels with the gulls’ as well. It fits perfectly with the mood of the writing.

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    1. natural. what was there before were sloped dunes, but as the water rises, it cuts away at the shore. In other places the wind blows the sand away from the water and heavy equipment has to haul it back.

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  8. I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois….Lake Michigan is right there. Many a summer morning I arose very early and went to the pier with my father and two bamboo fishing poles to fish for perch. Newly married, my husband and I would often go to state parks along the Lake…..tent camp and enjoy the trees and then the walk over the dunes to the lake. You’ve described it so well. ” slippery sugar sand” I especially like these words 🙂
    Thanks for bringing back memories!

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  9. The description of the half-dressed trail spoke to me. It is balanced in words and images. I too am drawn to water but have never lived near it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the world.


  10. Thank you for sharing your landscape. I’ve never been there. I’m also drawn to water. I was thinking about that the other day–it’s weird because I’m not a swimmer at all, but I love to walk by water–streams, rivers, oceans. . .

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