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dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

doe under pear tree 091220

It seems as though you are still summer
by W.S. Merwin, from “To the Light of September
It seems as though you are still summer
as dawn’s pink flame melts crystal dew
and winds dance with sunflowers.
Live, green-infused canvas
and pears unperfumed,
you play to stay.
Let autumn
wait for




Image:  “Doe Under Pear Tree,” taken September 6, 2020.  Click on link to open in new screen.

Laura is today’s host of dVerse. Laura says:
Prompt 2. For those who like a syllabic challenge, I invite you to write a NONET – a nine line poem that begins with 9 syllables, descending line by line to 1 syllable [using one of the presented lines of poetry.]

51 thoughts on “dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

  1. We too are having a summer revival, but it may be over by the end of the week. I love the image ‘dawn’s pink flame melts crystal dew / and winds dance with sunflowers’. Are they the same winds that blew my daughter’s sunflowers down?

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  2. An excellent Nonet for sure, with creative wordsmithing, many lines of which are already noted. I love the fact fact that so many of us are on the same page, but wildfires here trump all else.


    1. Glenn, your poem sent me looking for more information. I saw that areas totaling the size of Connecticut have burned since the beginning of the month 😦 I also saw that Dirtbag blamed CA, OR, and WA for poor forest management as the cause. Colbert said that the federal government owns 56% of all forest in those states and only 3% is owned by the states. Can anyone fathom the venomous actively evil purposeful stupidity of this “person”? I’m not sure he’s human anymore.


    1. Back yard. Actually I just happened to look over the top of my monitor and saw her munching windfall pears, grabbed my phone, and snapped it from where I was sitting. She was within a few feet of the patio.

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