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dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice


The feeling I get when I become a transmitter for the vatic voice is the same feeling I get when listening to some music. Whether it comes out of my mouth or fingertips or comes in through my ears, it seems to infuse the area from the base of my throat to my chest cavity with joyful energy, which often radiates into my scalp and makes it tingle. The same is effected through the eyes when they are snapping pictures of the sacred. Taste and touch are enhancing conduits that can stand alone also. Maybe it is that the tangible senses are the vehicles for the intangible vatic voice?

I decided to use two songs that I’ve listened to that evoke the joyful energy response. Before each one, I said a prayer to allow myself to be open to receive the message and then wrote the words as they came to me. The first song is Loreena McKennitt’s, “The Mystic’s Dream” from the live album, “Nights From The Alhambra,” (2007.) I listened only to the music and her voice, without trying to understand the lyrics.

Ideally, you will listen to each musical selection while you are reading each poem after it.

Hear me, I am beauty, calling out.
Birds carry my message.
So do you.
Together, with me, driving you on,
challenging you,
we can make music.
Love me and honor me.
In the quiet times, listen for me.
Through calm
Through beauty
Through seasons
I’m speaking to you through it all.


The second selection is from Lisa Gerrard’s, “The Mirror Pool,” and is called “Glorafin.”

Across long distance
my heart breaks
What will it take?
Time is urgent.
Act. Act.
You are giving me no choice.
My sorrow is great.
See what you are throwing away.
The clock is ticking.
The cosmos grieves.

I am today’s host for dVerse. I say:
Here’s the challenge today. Write a poem, any form, about the vatic voice. It could be speaking as a God to a poet. It could be a poet receiving a message. It could be a poem of prophesy. It could be about one others regard as mad by their words. It could be you invoking the vatic voice. After you’ve chosen your perspective and completed your poem, I would like you to say a few words about the process you went through and how it felt.

50 thoughts on “dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice

  1. I love the way you approached the prompt, Lisa, using music for inspiration, to help you to receive the vatic, and you made an interesting choice of songs. I know what you mean about joyful energy – it certainly brought you two beautiful poems.

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    1. I’m glad you see that. Now I didn’t not consciously choose two songs that would contrast, but the compulsion to choose those two songs tells me the vatic voice was at work at a deeper level. Thank you, Hannah, and glad you enjoyed them.

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  2. Just loved the music playing as I’m reading your words – particularly Lisa Gerard’s ponderous lament. (reminds me of soundtrack to Only Lovers Left Alive) But to the words – I particularly liked the hinge in the second – ‘Act Act’ – where the poet now addresses the source of her sorrow. See what you have lost – be it a lover tossed aside or a world ruined. Powerful voices here.

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    1. Thank you for sharing what you see in the poem. Glad you liked the music-poem meld. I just looked up Only Lovers Left Alive on imdb and now remember I saw it. Don’t they live in an old warehouse in a bombed out and vacant Detroit? I remember it as being stylish but not all of the plot.


  3. kaykuala
    Through calm. Through beauty
    Through seasons
    I’m speaking to you through it all.

    One has to continually maintain the line of communication in good or bad times to stifle tendencies of misjudgment. Great close Jade!


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  4. I really love how you included the description of how the Vatic voice speaks to you. I also enjoyed the music selections and thought they were perfectly attuned to the poems you presented. I heard the poetic, Vatic voice singing through both pieces.

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    1. I know the feeling of it but had never really examined the logistics of it nor heard many write about how it happens. It’s usually the output that gets examined, appreciated, etc. It’s been interesting reading all of the submissions. Interesting and educational.


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