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Happiness… — amusicalifeonplanetearth

Will has written a wonderful post about Joe.  Which Joe, you ask?  Read to find out.  Oh, and listen to a wonderful song while you’re at it.

is a thing called Joe! This song was composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by one of his top-three collaborators, Yip Harburg. They wrote it for the great Ethel Waters to sing in a 1943 movie version of the musical Cabin In the Sky made by the Freed unit at MGM. Ethel Waters The film […]

Happiness… — amusicalifeonplanetearth

9 thoughts on “Happiness… — amusicalifeonplanetearth

        1. Glad you got some down time, Max. Hoping this week goes better for you.

          The two hospitals in town combined into a brand new “cathedral of health” a couple of weeks ago. My son is now working at it. He’s been extremely overwhelmed since moving over, learning the ropes and dealing with the domino effect of the skyrocketing COVID-19 cases they are getting hit with. When I think of the damage the orange rash has done and the number of people who have needlessly died because of him, it’s difficult to stay calm. Let’s pray that our new leader gets this COVID clusterf*ck in order. :::praying hands:::

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            1. Hoping you get some help soon, Max!

              Thanks for sharing this. Melbourne has set the model we need to follow. It’s going to take some time to undo the damage our current ……………. has done.

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