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dVerse — Poetics 429 — Maggie Jayne

The Schwandt family welcomes first baby girl after 14 boys - mlive.com

Maggie Jayne

Maggie Jayne is the littlest Schwandt
in the Lakeview Schwandt pond.

Maggie Jayne, girl, the boys won’t dare
to be pummeled by thirty fists.
Loved by an army,
she’s the last twinkle in her daddy’s eye.

Will she be free-wheelin’ on an ATV
or baking apple pies in an apron?
Wearing camo or curls?
Curtsying or climbing trees?

On November 4, 2020, Maggie Jayne Schwandt was born. She is the first baby girl to be born to Mr. & Mrs. Schwandt after the couple had 14 other children, all boys. The family lives in Lakeview, MI, a suburb of Grand Rapids which isn’t far from here. The family are outdoorsmen and recently started a local cable TV show about it.

Learn more about them here.

Peter Frankis is today’s host of dVerse‘ Poetics.  Peter says:

So tonight poets, let’s bear witness in our local neighbourhood. Look at your local paper (if you still have such a thing), find a publicly reported event, a tree planting or a tree felling, a dam opening or a landslide. Perhaps something you witnessed personally – whatever inspires.

60 thoughts on “dVerse — Poetics 429 — Maggie Jayne

    1. I came from a family of 7 kids (blended family) and my best from had 16 in her family. Big families used to be the norm back then I think. Having such a big family is sure not the norm nowadays!

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  1. Such a heartfelt piece, and to imagine all the possibilities in place for this child.

    “Will she be free-wheelin’ on an ATV
    or baking apple pies in an apron?
    Wearing camo or curls?
    Curtsying or climbing trees?”

    Whichever path she goes, I bet she will be spoiled rotten by her family! 😀 And what a cutie she is.

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  2. Ohh she is absolutely adorable! 😀 Love this. The poem is not only heart-stirring but intriguing as well as we take a deeper look into the life of the Schwandt family. Look at all those boys! 💝

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  3. Wouldn’t we all like to have a magic wand so we could see this little lady as an adult! Poor Mama. Imagine having a baby every 2 years for 28 years!

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    1. Yes there is a sort of devil-may-care attitude to their unbridled breeding that might be considered humorous. Maybe I should have written this one under the folly topic? LOL on the farts. That’s enough methane to raise the roof.

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    1. I’m sure she will also. I don’t think our planet could support a population if every family had 15 kids. At the same time, these kids appear to be raised in a more outdoorsy way. Then again, in MI outdoorsman means killing wildlife, which means at least 14 more humans killing wildlife. Then it means 14 less people supporting factory farms. This and that go on forever.


      1. You mean they don’t ever buy any animal products from the supermarket, butter, cheese, bacon, sausages? I bet they do even if they eat elk steaks instead of beef. That way of life isn’t sustainable either. It’s a conundrum and I’m hoping a finer mind than mine will find an answer to it!

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  4. I love this! I saw it on the news the other day! Such an interesting story. Might as well go for fifteen while they are at it!! LOL Will she be a princess or Tom Boy… only time will tell!
    Great post.

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  5. I read about this! The first thought that came into my head was eeeeegads! That woman must have lived in maternity clothes!! The second thought was, well this is the penultimate definition of persistence! Fun to see you write a post about it!

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    1. LOL on the maternity clothes. Imagining the stretch marks and stretching in general. The children definitely look well-adjusted. Glad you enjoyed the post, Lillian, thank you!


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