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dVerse — OLN 280 — Immovable Dance and earthweal OLW

Wolf Kahn Makes Light From Color - Artsy

From seed to death through seasons grow
With side to side through all they sway
From searing heat to bitter cold
From seed to death through seasons grow
In naked shrink to rainbow show
From greening up in sun-charged play
From seed to death through seasons grow
With side to side through all they sway



Image: “Orange Glow” by Wolf Kahn

I first met Wolf’s art when I randomly bought a calendar and fell in love with it.  Learn more about Wolf Kahn here.

Today’s offering is in the triolet poetic form.

Linda Lee Lyberg is today’s host for dVerse‘ Open Link Night.

I’m also linking this to the Open Link Weekend at earthweal.

64 thoughts on “dVerse — OLN 280 — Immovable Dance and earthweal OLW

  1. This is such a beautiful, impactful, and heartfelt poem. I especially love the repetition of “From seed to death…” It’s a phrase I just LOVE. It implies so much about life to death, and the seasons changing, metamorphosing. You write beautifully, Lisa. This is such a fantastic poem with great rhythm. Lovely work.

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  2. The gorgeous Wolf Kahn painting is luminous, Lisa, and you’ve done it justice with your poem. I like the way the repetition reflects the trees, especially if you turn the poem on its side – it looks like trees. And the colours shine through in ‘From greening up in sun-charged play’.

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  3. Nice crisp Triolet, well packed with message and rhyme. I liked “in naked shrink to rainbow show.” Now that I’m “riden’ with Biden”, I’m enjoying many more “rainbow shows”.

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  4. The chanting meter and rhyme all adds to the slow cyclical movement of time/seasons. I’m struck by the “side to side” swaying sensation of an easy release from life to death. You’ve captured the natural dimensions of life in such a poetically multi-dimensional way: color, sound, and motion.

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  5. This is so beautiful! The repetition works perfectly. I haven’t written a triolet in a while, but now I may have to. 😀
    The painting is beautiful, too. It reminds me of the yellow trees and reflections I saw this week while walking along Wissahickon Creek.

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  6. What a beautiful painting….and your words are so aptly attuned to it. I love the repetitive line “From seed to death through seasons grow” The repetition is the cycle itself, returning. I enjoyed this very much!

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    1. Lillian thank you for sharing what you see with your eyes, as I didn’t consider the repeating seasons in the repeating lines. I wrote this also as a metaphor for human relationships. My older son and his girlfriend just celebrated an anniversary and I am dedicating this poem to them.


          1. Thanks for looking at it. I like giving him a hard time. He was trying different views out to get good shots. He is going to attempt to make a small short film soon…it’s hard finding others to act…especially now.

            Thanks again Lisa!

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  7. I love the way you’ve worked the lines through the triolet form here, Lisa – this has a beautiful sway to it, and a timeless message. Thank you for introducing me to Wolf Kahn too!

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