Sault Tribe/Kewadin Gaming Enjoined from Concealing or Dissipating Assets in Gaming Development Company Dispute [recall the $88M judgment] — Turtle Talk

Anyone who can read “legal” can see how f***ed up this order is!!!!!!! It’s messed up in so many ways as far as someone taking the law into their own hands. A few glaring outrages are not allowing the Defendant to have a notice of hearing higher up in the order but towards the bottom of it says they must be notified at least 7 days ahead of the hearing. Having such a BIG ruling ($88 million judgment against the Defendant) done over zoom and signed by some other judge than the one that’s heard the case is flabbergasting. To freeze the accounts of the whole Kewadin Casinos Gaming Authority until this is settled is insane! I really want to see how this plays out, as this has me shaking my head with disbelief.

Here is the order in JLLJ Development LLC v. Kewadin Casinos Gaming Authority (Mich. Cir. Ct.): ex-parte-temp.-restr.-order-filedDownload Prior post here.

Sault Tribe/Kewadin Gaming Enjoined from Concealing or Dissipating Assets in Gaming Development Company Dispute [recall the $88M judgment] — Turtle Talk

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  1. Marleen says:

    We may have reached the end of hope for justice or good legal decisions in this country. Sides some strange decisions that did go through proper channels and in person, the idea of holding court online is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s. I had no choice but to go to several hearings online approximately a year ago. The forms for the subject matter had a selection box which gave an appearance that a person had a choice, but the form would not be accepted without “choosing” the option. In court/the hearing, the judge would say he couldn’t see this and couldn’t hear that. After one of the hearings, I was supposed to send evidence to an email address for the court. I kept getting messages saying the file was too big. When I tried to write a simple note to the email address to tell them I got those messages, I got a reject automatic kind of reply that my session (window for receiving from me) was over.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Oh, Marleen, your experience may well be the standard nowadays. As I was leaving my job in 2018, we were going over to a “paperless” system, where original documents submitted to the court were scanned, coded, and put into the electronic database and the originals shredded. We, “the underlings,” often created our own court orders, which then were electronically sent to the referee or judge, perused, and signed with an electronic signature, then distributed to interested parties. What is maybe the most disturbing aspect of the orders is that we and those who have access, could replace anything in those orders to say whatever we wanted it to and the only evidence of it would be an electronic time-stamp of when a change was made. I have no idea if a mechanism existed to erase those time stamps with the proper “upper echelon clearance” or not. I am positive things have gotten much worse since Covid 😦 Do you remember that movie, “Brazil” ? The “ministry of truth” where people worked to change documents? Or “1984”? We are living in it right now.


      1. Marleen says:

        I think you’re right, that we have actually reached it. Two thousand, eighteen… so sad that what used to be plain logic and professionalism is being replaced.

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  2. Marleen says:

    Okay… that wasn’t supposed to be “Sides some …”

    Besides some …

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