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Earthweal OLW 6 — Failed experiment

A convention center in Wuhan, China, converted into a temporary hospital, Feb. 6, 2020.

Reading Brendan’s essay about how things with the weather are speeding up and getting stronger, along with the photo he used showing the beds lining up in a convention center turned hospital in Wuhan, China for the viral epidemic going on, an image flashed into my mind, where I wondered what it would be like to see our Mother Gaia from outside of our atmosphere. What would I see? Then I asked myself, who would “I” be; from whose character should I view our struggling mother? I chose to write from the perspective of a sentient virus. Size and form aren’t relevant; effect is.

Failed Experiment

In my viral cocoon, rolling gently in her grip, I watch her.
Clinical assessment written in final page of the logbook:

Date: 2/7/2020

“Skin abraded in splotches,
Thrush-coated cankers
Blues spawned grey fringes
Large patches of denuded skin
Distressed, with quick shallow respiration
She trembles, consumed with fever

Homeostasis gone a-kilter
She’s gasping her last.”

Why have I done this?
Compelled, with and without reason,
On a mission of total annihilation
Encoded with anti-circles
In a circular home.
Bestower’s failed experiment.

Stowaway riding a missionless satellite
(Cable TV on permanent hiatus.)
Impervious to no atmosphere;
Ready to spring whenever.
A microscopic Trojan Horse,
Rocking to Armageddon’s lullaby.

Brendan is the host of Earthweal’s Open Link Weekend.  Brendan says:
Share a poem, short or long, new or old.

41 thoughts on “Earthweal OLW 6 — Failed experiment

  1. Oh WOW! Fantastic perspective, and made me see the planet as you describe………….yes, I believe the human experiment has failed. Or maybe some of us forgot their humanity and morphed into something ghoulish. This is one incredible read. Fabulous.

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        1. No I haven’t. I know it may be difficult to understand but I’m still trying to get over what was chosen — that story ended up winning first prize by the judges! Just found out a few days ago. Once I get it out of my system will try again. Thank you for asking.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I know Lisa…It would bug me also. You are fighting against the judges likes sometimes and not what is good.
            You are good though and just stay true…and it will happen. Good always comes through in the end.

            That sounds like a Hallmark card but I mean it.

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  2. Wow! This is our current situation, expressed graphically. And strange! I posted a link at earthweal in the comment section about a woman for whom only the Gaia image came to my mind. And here I find the mention for the second time.

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    1. You’ll probably be hearing it a lot more. Thinking of Mother Earth as a single, living organism that has a system for maintaining (or not) homeostasis will make more sense as those systems fail.


  3. Very thoughtful and powerful idea here — viewing the stricken Earth from the outside — seeing the obvious and revealing what a virus humanity is. Well done. The Earth is heating faster than it ever has in the past, it’s important to remember that the 800 degree hothouse of Venus is a combination to too much carbon in the air and a sudden increase in solar heat some 2 billion years ago. Imagine a major carbon-spewing volcanic eruption or giant solar flare — some natural phenomenon — throwing octane on this human-induced inferno we’re creating. Yikes. – Brendan

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  4. Totally original and terrifying poem; also one that shows very clearly how alienated humanity is from itself, and from its mother earth, as well as how destruction effects the personal in every way, while itself being totally impersonal. A frightening but enlightening read.

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    1. Hedgewitch, thank you. I was spurred by Brendan’s essay. Yes, humanity has been led so astray by organized religion and unhealthy cultural practices, especially patriarchy and competitiveness, we have lost self-awareness of all you mention. Thank you again for your insightful comment.


  5. The Trojan horse…we get what we deserve.
    And I meant to tell you, that image on the heading of your blog, I swear it looks like my baby tulip tree that the deer ate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. That tree is a ginkgo. I’m sorry the deer ate your baby tulip tree. They like nibbling on my hosta in summer and on the shrub twigs in winter.


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