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free-range shrubbery

image link Yesterday, I was driving through a region that is dotted with landscape plant greenhouses and row upon row of fields of shrubs of various varieties and sizes.  I also drove through a new 7-mile connector highway that rolls up and down hills and around curves.  Along this section I observed clumps of what… Continue reading free-range shrubbery

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Late summer nature

image link Queen Anne's lace fringes the edges of long green lawn ruffling with the breeze. Bees and butterflies, yellow, black, red, orange, blue, ride the gentle swells. Crickets and cicada chirp and thrum in concert with chickadee and finch. Apple, pear, and locust branches bob, leaves rustle in flickering sunlight.

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Day 11 — OctWriPoMo — Fall Haiku

sheets of pink-tinged grey raise walls between the orange orb and our sun-starved eyes yellowed grapefruit leaves -- carting them inside where it’s warm saves trees from frost’s kill TPJPhoto.net -- excellent photographer!!!!! spoonbills, herons, storks huddle together for warmth -- not so much low tide