September photos and haiku series, dVerse — OLN

chamomile drowsessleepy in September’s sunwinter’s bedtime tea paper monumentto wasp ingenuitysoon vacant castle purple crepe awaitsseeking guidance from heavenSol’s opening nod us pine trees critterswith fuzzy green needled furwe wiggle in wind September late sproutsmake haste to shine like their kinbright tiny starlets bowed like old womenfading congregation prayswarm afternoon sun strawberry plants bloomheedless of…

Doodads — photos and poems

More pics from this week.  The rain has brought out the fungi.  The bike trails are lovely at this time of year.  The pear tree is both a tease and a traitor. moon falls from the sky, lands in the tall grass, and cracks — patient, she rises, healed Ms. Pac Man’s hunting easier to…

Doodads — September images not already posted, with poems

September’s palette green purple yellow and tan soft shoes, still sunny she tries to hide, but she’s too pretty in bed of soft hydrangeas my hair afrizz, I’m having a purple moment in now’s perfection green fern dresses with wide open smiles, our faces to the sun a bee festival every day on our stage…

zucchini and cicada

Baby zucchini hide under giant green leaves –cicada’s first song.   see full sized image here

Nature’s Church

Light shines through stained glassset in green frame — nature’s church;gentle winds sigh hymns.     Mark at Naturalist Weekly has asked for butterfly poems.

haiku to haiku slam

small glass globe once helda single moving treasure —now still sushi stench   image link I just read a poem that likened haiku to locust descending.