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dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

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“Just Before Dawn”

stumbling through realms of red
doubting sight of morning’s orange
buoyed by kindness’ bright yellow
moments of respite in fields of green
a will of iron drowning in regret’s blue
return again to mists of indigo

a traveler, searching through indigo
crystal hums with songs of red
you, love, lying on wet stone, lips blue
beetles build in your soul, now orange
moss creeps, eternal green
luna calls me back, voice cratered yellow

shuddered recall while warming in yellow
why must truth moan in the halls of indigo?
nails blacken, bleed, digging through green
willing a way to infuse your soul with red
recall your locks’ sheen of deepest orange
fluttering at sea against blue

we languishing, hull snug in bobbing blue
thirsty browning skin drinking in yellow
sipping chilled pineapple and orange
breezes dance as we drift into indigo
sun lingers at earth’s edge, glowing red
we head to harbor, left light blinking green

if you were resting with daisies and green
tears would dry, clouds could share sky’s blue
yet you live, confined undead, soul un-red
madman in the dark, yowling at yellow
we slip our chains, swirl amongst the indigo
stripped of pain, enthralled again, orange

eyes closed against daylight, blood orange
calling as you fade. you turn, eyes green
life intrudes upon our realm of indigo
each heartbeat a reminder of blue
morning burns mocking yellow
as I water the earth with red

blood orange wanes to pallid blue
heart rests under green and flipping yellows
you wander through indigo alone, soul red


Victoria has introduced us to the sestina form at dVerse.  This is my second one for the prompt and one where I chose to use colors as end words.  I used the ROYGBI(V) but couldn’t/didn’t find a way to add violet in it.

24 thoughts on “dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

  1. What a crazy mad undertaking to do a sestina with six colors — but by damned Lisa, you did it well! Some great phrases in here. “return again to mists of indigo”, “madmen in the dark, yowling at yellow”, “hull snug in bobbing blue” — there could all be a jumping off point for entirely new poem. Really like this.

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    1. Rob, I’m laughing as I read what you wrote and happy as well. I wondered how it would turn out, and the topic chose itself. Thanks much for your encouraging comments.


  2. What a challenge to mix in with the colors and make it all palatable to the senses. I wish for all of us to see:

    if you were resting with daisies and green
    tears would dry, clouds could share sky’s blue

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  3. Wow. For me this is layered and intense. As a color-freak, I love how you used them as end word. I found the read spiraling into darkness, imagining a shipwreck and that one person didn’t make it. I think it was that line that Grace quoted that took me there. When I was an art docent, I loved to have the kids play with color and feeling. I felt that is exactly what you were doing. Me, too, in reading it.

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    1. Victoria, you are right about playing with color and feeling here. I didn’t want it to go that dark, but it took me there. You’re right, in the scenario one person doesn’t make it. It feels like one sacrificed themselves to save the other. I’m sure it was fun being an art docent and introducing color and feeling connections to the kids. There is healing to be found there. Thank you for your insightful comments! Also, I edited the rover poem a little more 🙂

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