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The Circus

"The Circus", by Albina Felski Fandango's FOWC is natural, the Word of the Day Challenge is venturesome, Paula's 3 Things Challenge words are clip, sparrow, acrobat , and Teresa's Story Starter Challenge phrase is “Sign here” Austin was a venturesome sort, which is was what first drew him to the circus. The famed Flying Fabios… Continue reading The Circus

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The Circus, by Albina Felski

You can regard The Circus, by Canadian-born artist Albina Felski, as a collage.  It's a very rich one.  Ironically, I came across a photo of this magnificent work of art while cutting images out of magazines for my own collage creations.  This one was in Smithsonian Magazine I think.  I was compelled to search the… Continue reading The Circus, by Albina Felski