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#MM Saturday Mix — Your love’s return

when quivered lines sigh stable when gentle breeze bare stirs when heart affirms its able when I rest among the ferns I'll sing, recall your fable as hawks fly o'er the trees I'm bound to you, a cable like blooms are bound to bees forgot is “wrong,” the label instead is love renewed return to… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Your love’s return

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Song playlist on Faith

Last week someone featured a song from Eric Clapton's, “Journeyman” album. It had been awhile since listening to it, so I pulled it out this morning while doing the dishes. It's a very enjoyable easy listening album. When I got to the song, “Running on Faith,” it gave me an idea to do a playlist… Continue reading Song playlist on Faith

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Valentines Day Feature — Three Roses

Happy Valentine's Day All I've been trying to decide what angle to approach Valentines Day in my writing today. Valentines Day is a iconic celebration of love between two people. Not everyone has the blessings of being in reciprocal love with another person. It's difficult not to feel like you're missing out on this day… Continue reading Valentines Day Feature — Three Roses

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Coloring Club Plus — 10/24/19 (no coloring but book illustration)

Gord's Gold, Vol. 2 is a compilation album released by Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot in 1988. Like the first Gord's Gold collection, Vol. 2 features re-recordings of earlier hits alongside the contemporary material. On Gord's Gold only the early songs that didn't match Lightfoot's 1970s sound (and whose original masters were owned by Lightfoot's former… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 10/24/19 (no coloring but book illustration)

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#SLS — Steel Rail Blues by Gordon Lightfoot

Jim Adams is the always-motivating host of Song Lyric Sunday. Today is the debut of Jim's brand new Song Lyric Sunday banner, which shows just how much of a party Song Lyric Sunday is each week. Jim says: I picked what I feel is the most challenging theme that we have encountered so far, which… Continue reading #SLS — Steel Rail Blues by Gordon Lightfoot

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#SLS — Gordon Lightfoot — Your Love’s Return

Jim Adams is the persevering host of Song Lyric Sunday. Jim says: I feel that everyone should be able to find a song that fits the prompt Floor/House/Roof/Walls. Here are the “rules”: Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not. If it does not fit, then please… Continue reading #SLS — Gordon Lightfoot — Your Love’s Return

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Your Love’s Return (1970)

  Today's offering for Word Challenge of the Day's hopeful and Fandango's FOWC of deliver will be to deliver a song by a favorite songwriter and singer, Mr. Gordon Lightfoot. The song is, “Your Love's Return”, which is off of his 1970, “If you Could Read My Mind” CD, which was originally titled, “Sit Down… Continue reading Your Love’s Return (1970)

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Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter

Today is the final chapter of the story, Manifestation.  I decided to create a collage to illustrate the concept of the last chapter.  Looking through the landscape images first, then to the fitting image of the goddess, I pulled out possible candidates.  A fellow blogger, hanspostcard , had posted something about Gordon Lightfoot, so I… Continue reading Poetry — Manifestation Final Chapter