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Tick Tock Tuesday #30 — Testing for Covid-19

Right now what makes me tick is learning as much as I can about what the status of the pandemic, as uncertainty raises my anxiety level.  My news sources include John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. https://youtu.be/7rl4c-jr7g0       Pete is the host of Tick Tock Tuesday.  Pete says: I will tag my posts TTT… Continue reading Tick Tock Tuesday #30 — Testing for Covid-19

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John Oliver explains Medicare for All

This is a 20-minute youtube but well-worth watching.  John Oliver addresses the 3 main fears in regards to implementing Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren's plan for Medicare for All.  He does it in a clear and humorous way.  Beware that he drops a few f-bombs. https://youtu.be/7Z2XRg3dy9k