The Feral- Charcoal Drawing

A Wild Woman whose voice keens in the wilderness. Hear. Listen.

Stoner on a rollercoaster

I completed this drawing yesterday.

When you try to grab random flying images in your head and merge them you end up with something like this…I decided to name it “The Feral”.

And when you try to write something about your such drawing you end up with 4 incomplete posts on the same subject… and it’s annoying trust me.

I don’t understand the measurement of beauty by the degree of human-invented finesse and Superficial criteria of perfection.

Aren’t animals way more naturally elegant than us?? Just watch them walk.. they don’t train on a ramp.

We all have our feral side that we suppress just to blend into this chaotic mess of people made of plastics, veiled in thousands of layers of deceit, constantly trying to fool themselves that shedding their skin and replacing it with cheap paper mache and tacky plastics is the way to blend in.

Even worse…

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